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Home Groups starting soon

A home group is a small group of people who meet regularly, usually at someone’s home, at a time that suits all the members of the groups and usually involves food (anything from tea & a biscuit to supper and a glass of wine …)!

Small groups start at the beginning of October to chat, pray and read Jeffrey John’s great book on miracles. Evening and day time groups available.

Please speak to or email Matthew enkheenamsrai@yahoo.co.uk or June Wilju242@aol.com or Mother Ruth

The point of it all - Abbeville Fete

This Sunday 14th September we  welcome Sarah Miles from Ace of Clubs, Sergeant Graham Norman from Lambeth Summer Projects, Nick Mason from Kids City and Diana Kahn from Age UK Lambeth, to receive cheques from the Abbeville Fete and to give thanks for the work they do and the work done by all the Fete volunteers.

Hope to see you there too!

They will be sharing something with us about how they will use the money that you raised to support and nurture the young, the old and the vulnerable in our community. Please do stay and chat to them about their work after the service.


Could you change a young life by becoming a volunteer mentor in Lambeth? Can you spare 1 or 2 hours a week to make an impact on a young person’s future? Full training is provided and the Met police volunteer system will provide continuing support. Training is on Saturday 27th September and Saturday 4th October.

For more details contact: Graham.J.Norman@met.pnn.police.uk

Confirmation classes for teens and adults

A 6 week course of starts at the end of September. You don't have to be confirmed at the end of it but the course is to prepare you.
If you are interested please speak to (or email) Mother Ruth NOW!

Gutsy Gastros - a launch party 18th September

Will you come to a launch? Many of you will know Jane and Michael Bell and their three children, Albert, Lilly and Heidi who come to CHS.

All three of their children have a condition called Pseudo Obstructive Myopathy / Neuropathy. Albert is the most severely affected. His stomach, bowel and bladder do not function and as a consequence he has many complex health issues.Left is a picture of the brilliant Albert after winning a race at the 2014 Parish Picnic.

Read more here.

Buy your tickets here.

Knitting Group

The next knitting group is on Tuesday 16th September, 7.30pm at Flat 1 31 Morrish Rd SW2 4EB. All welcome.

Sunday 21st September - Clapham Opera Festival

The Grand Opening of the 2014 Festival, which takes place at Church of the Holy Spirit, will feature Ricardo Panela, Alberto Sousa, Georgina Rosanna Murray & Sophie Yelland + Music Director Philip Voldman and will celebrate the Diva/Divo.

Find out more about the festival here. Tickets can be bought online here with concessions and family tickets available.


If you missed a sermon or need to catch up you can read a selection here.


Book Club

Our next meeting is at Madeline's house - Eagle House, Narbonne Avenue - on Wednesday 15th October and we will be reading The Strangler Vine by M J Carter (who incidentally is married to John Lanchester (Capital) and is a Clapham resident).

For a report on their last meeting see here.

Foodbank Collection at Tesco's - 3,4,5 July

Every day people in Clapham go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to getting an unexpected bill on a low income. Read about how you can help for an hour or two next week, here.

Did you know?

Did you know that if you don't make it to church every Sunday, you can still look at the service sheet and notices here?


You can see slightly more about the new PCC members, and read what they decided at their first meeting here.


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