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The mission of Young Journey is to inspire young people worldwide to be lifelong learners eager to contribute to society through project based performing arts, media and sports programs and events.

Our target population is traditionally underserved communities. Our goal is to create world leaders who are better connected to school, family and community by preparing them for a sustainable career in the workforce.

Your partnership gives us opportunities for youth and families in need to participate at no cost. Your tax deductible contribution as a sponsor strengthens our efforts to make a difference in these communities.

 In exchange, you will receive acknowledgment on Young Journey public service announcements and media segments as outlined in commitment forms below. Click links below for sponsorship details.

About Us

Young Journey started in the New York City Metro area in 2000 and has directly served over 5,000 young people. The organization became 501c3 in 2005. We expanded into the Central Texas area in 2015.

We have evolved into a full television production show where participants showcase what they learn at Young Journey. We believe this community peer to peer outreach tool is a powerful way to indirectly serve countless viewers. Our programs are currently on-going. Youth are filming and editing for the Young Journey TV shows.

To assist in meeting our goal of increasing attendance and graduation rates, we provide academic support in some after school programs. The workshops are real world training helping to develop needed life skills and disciplines in young people.

This is achieved by incorporating these topics throughout our project based curriculums. Participants are guided in writing their own scripts, creating and recording original songs, choreographing dances, blocking stage productions, filming and editing their own music videos, PSA's and television productions. Participants explore many careers in various fields.

We are currently developing the Young Journey Sports Programs for a Fall 2017 start. This strengthening and conditioning program is designed to improve performance for any student athlete. The media aspect of the sports program includes sports broadcasting.




Help participants better focus in class and graduate prepared to live, learn and work as positive contributing members of society. Goal:  Participants will stay in school until successful completion and seek continual higher education.


Participants will demonstrate good citizenship as law abiding, contributing members to their families, schools and communities. Goal: Participants will refrain from negative, violent or other illegal behaviors.


Help participants become young adults who are ready for life through youth development and financial literacy education. Goal: Participants will gain economic skills, attitudes and competencies and the necessary financial skills for life.


Inspire youth to take care of their bodies by eating well and exercising for better focus in class and life. Goal: Participants will make healthier food and drink choices. They will be more physically active.


Build excellent character traits in each participant that are necessary for a successful life at home, in their community and the world at large. Goal:  Each participant will become better citizens with an understanding of excellent work ethics.


About Our TV Show

The main target outcome for the television program is to provide tools to youth as they make the critical transition to adulthood. Show topics are focused on education including financial literacy, health, fitness and nutrition (mental health awareness), character education, peer to peer moderation and counseling, environmental concerns, career and workforce development. The television programs are outreach tools sharing information with a worldwide audience.

We serve pre-k to young adults. Our primary target group is boys and girls who are ages are 7 - 18. They are motivated by learning new things, finding their voice and exploring their own creativity. Their priorities are finding opportunities to grow and make a positive difference. 

Our East Austin program is held at the Austin Film Society's television station, Austin Public. The television series is scheduled to begin airing January 2017. It will air on Austin Public and on the internet. After a one year plan of establishing the program and viewers, we will expand into other markets and television networks across the nation.

Our current partnerships and sponsors are A Glimmer of Hope, Austin Film Society, Round Rock Public Library, Round Rock Area Serving Center, Round Rock Volunteer Center, A.I.S.D., Heather Lynn Smith, Keller Williams Realtor, McMurr.com, KAZI 88.7 FM, Goin' Postal Round Rock and many kind individuals.

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Questions? Contact Jaha Wilder, Executive Director 512.784.2459 or email MsJaha@YoungJourney.org