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Blog | Part 2: SSR and Sustainability

This week, in the second part to his blog, Alwin van den Boogaard stresses the importance of financial independence. He argues that this can serve as an essential pillar in fostering inclusivity and flexibility while additionally ensuring continuity and promoting SSR principles.


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Policy and Research Papers

Understanding African armies

The European Union's Institute for Security Studies explores the various challenges that African armed forces encounter due to regional, historical, economic and political aspects. It also gives practitioners insight into the European CSDP operations in Africa and how those can be more effective.

Justice mechanisms and conflict dynamics in Nepal: Local perceptions and impacts

Saferworld conducts research on the different formal and informal mechanisms that provide justice for communities in Nepal. This report is part of a wider project, 'Community Initiatives for Common Understanding' (CICU), which aims to mediate conflict and find common solutions at the local level. Their findings give insight into people's perceptions of these mechanisms, their access to different kinds of justice depending on their community/ethnic groups, and the linkage between access to justice issues and local conflict dynamics.

Wilson Perspectives: Combatting Corruption

In efforts to bring about useful dialogue about combatting corruption, the Wilson Center has assembled a collection of essays that discuss different countries', international organisations', and various other groups' experiences with this important issue. Case studies ranging from China, Brazil, and the Middle East are presented. 

External review of the functions, structure and capacity of the UN Police Division

A recent external review of the 'United Nations Police Division's structure, functions and capacities' has been officially released during a hand-over event to the UN Secretary-General. The report highlights the need for a paradigm shift and calls on different stakeholders of UN policing to “support a change to the current operating model to enable police components to deliver on tailored mandates, by providing enhanced police capacities that could better meet the challenges of today’s peace operations””. The report suggests a "new operating model" for UN policing that would focus on institution-building and specialised capacities. It also puts forward a "reform package" that the upcoming Secretary-General could drive forward. The press release is available on the UN News Centre and the press conference can be viewed on UN Web TV


From understanding to promoting change: making better security and justice programming happen

The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law, identifies three hurdles preventing better programming in the security and justice area: the strong domestic focus on donor accountability, the inadequacy of staff skill sets amongst many international development organisations, and the inertia resulting from the procedures, habits and paradigms of large donor bureaucracies. Listen to Erwin van Veen interviewing three practitioners giving their insight on these issues.



Mapping Conflict, Violence and Upheaval | Monday 06 June 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00 | Geneva

During the launch of the Peace and Conflict book series hosted by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, the co-editors will describe and engage with the discussants and the public about the key findings about mapping dynamics of conflict, violence and upheaval observed around the world.

Conference “Reviewing the State of Safety in World Cities” | Monday 06 June 08:00 - Wednesday 08 June 17:00 2016 | Geneva

The global platform conference, organised by UN-HABITAT, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the United Nations Office at Geneve, and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, will assess the state of the safety of cities and allow an exchange of practices on achieving safer cities.

Measuring and monitoring implementation of the SDGs: Fit for purpose? | Thursday 09 June 2016 | 09:00 - 17:00 | Geneva

Following the SDGs adoption, the eJournal International Development Policy in partnership with the Millennium Institute and the Centre for Finance and Development, organised this event to bring together academics, policymakers and development professionals for a day-long conference, organised in four panels: multi-level/multi-stakeholder monitoring, a holistic view of complex, adaptive systems, monitoring across sectors, and bigger and better: “big data” as a magic bullet?

The Role of Legitimacy in the Governance of Fragile States | Friday 10 June 2016 | 11:00 - 12:30 | Geneva

Open questions remain about how to achieve the goal of more legitimate domestic governance. The Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative (IPTI) and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy organise this event on legitimacy in governance of fragile states, an important feature of contemporary state-building.


Senior Security Coordination Officer | DPKO | New York | Deadline: 04 June 2016

Programme Officer - Monitoring and Evaluation | DPKO | New York | Deadline: 16 June 2016

National Country Project Officer - Governance, Law & Society | USIP | Senegal | Deadline: Until position is filled

Research Assistant - Governance, Law & Society | USIP | Washington DC | Deadline: Until position is filled