Newsletter - February 2020

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Welcome to the February speechBITE newsletter! This month we bring you a special edition of the newsletter featuring research on interventions for people with aphasia.

speechBITE has a large number of references on treatment research in the area of aphasia. To find them, go to the advanced search page and select 'Aphasia' under the 'Speech Pathology Practice Area' drop down menu.

Listed below are some of the most recent references on aphasia treatments.

Latest publications

Randomised Controlled Trial

Guillouet E, Cogne M, at al (2020) Impact of Combined Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Speech-language Therapy on Spontaneous Speech in Aphasia: A Randomized Controlled Double-blind Study

Kendall DL, Moldestad MO, et al (2019) Phonomotor Versus Semantic Feature Analysis Treatment for Anomia in 58 Persons With Aphasia: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Ora HP, Kirmess M, et al (2020) The effect of augmented speech-language therapy delivered by telerehabilitation on poststroke aphasia-a pilot randomized controlled trial

Ren C, Zhang G, et al (2019) The Effect of rTMS over the Different Targets on Language Recovery in Stroke Patients with Global Aphasia: A Randomized Sham-Controlled Study OPEN ACCESS

Case Series

van Rijssen M, Veldkamp M, et al (2019) Feasibility of a communication program: improving communication between nurses and persons with aphasia in a peripheral hospital

Zettin M, Leopizzi M, et al (2019) How does language change after an intensive treatment on imitation?

Single Case Design

Bailey DJ, Nessler C, et al (2020) An Aphasia Treatment for Verbs With Low Concreteness: A Pilot Study

Beeson PM, Bayley C, et al (2019) Maximising recovery from aphasia with central and peripheral agraphia: The benefit of sequential treatments

Bhatnagar S, Patek B, et al (2019) Mental imagery practice as a therapy for naming impairments: A preliminary study

Fein M, Bayley C, et al (2020) A structured approach to train text messaging in an individual with aphasia

Hashimoto, N (2020) The Use of Written Naming and Repetition to Treat Naming Deficits in Aphasia OPEN ACCESS

Lavoie M, Bier N, et al (2019) Efficacy of a self-administered treatment using a smart tablet to improve functional vocabulary in post-stroke aphasia: a case-series study

Systematic Review

Bucur M, Papagno C (2019) Are transcranial brain stimulation effects long-lasting in post-stroke aphasia? A comparative systematic review and meta-analysis on naming performance

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