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Business of inclusion: insights for
today's leaders 

Welcome to our first issue of 'Business of inclusion,' our quarterly e-newsletter focused on providing insights on building diverse and inclusive workplaces for today's leaders. You can manage your subscriptions to this and our second newsletter 'Making Connections: insights in immigrant employment,' by clicking preferences at the bottom of this email.


May 2016


Future of Work: People are still at the heart of success

The world of work is changing, from driverless cars to the gig economy. But what is the impact on our workplaces of the future and how we can prepare for it today? Over the last year, TRIEC worked with labour market analyst Tom Zizys to deepen our understanding of current and future labour market trends and how they will impact employers and skilled immigrants. Here’s a quick look at what we’ve learned...


Supporting refugees to find meaningful employment 

To date, over 27,190 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada since November 2015. Over 5,000 of these have settled in the GTA so far with a total of 7,000 expected by the end of 2016. With so many already here, the focus is now on how best to help them integrate and find employment. The following information can help employers interested in connecting, hiring and supporting refugees in their employment journey...


Location = impact 

Where should responsibility for diversity and inclusion (D&I) reside within an organization? The location can have a big influence on the ultimate impact of D&I policies.  Located only at the senior level, a strategy may lack effective implementation. Located in HR and the focus may be too heavily on recruitment. Located in Corporate Social Responsibility and it may overly emphasis the social impact. So where should it reside in order to be the most effective?...


News and updates

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Mentors needed

The Mentoring Partnership has urgent needs for mentors in the following occupations:

  • Engineers
  • Purchasing professionals
  • Biologists
  • Accountants and financial auditors

If you can help or connect us to an organization that can, please email us at