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The bi-monthly Faith@Home NZ ENews is designed to provide you with brief information about what is happening with Faith@Home nationally and encourage you and your church to see the families of our nation living out their faith 24/7.

Know anyone who would like a copy? Forward them yours and they can send us an email with “SUBSCRIBE to Faith@Home ENews” in the subject line OR subscribe via our website.

A Word From Karen…

"I have just returned from a trip to Christchurch and Dunedin where I had the joy of meeting up with some church ministry leaders, and children & family denominational leaders. It was great to put some faces to some names and hear the innovative ways that they are starting to embed Faith@Home in their churches.  I came home inspired and encouraged that together we can make a huge difference in the homes of our nation.

If you have come across resources that you have found really helpful or testimonies that will inspire those of us who are on this journey we would love to hear from you."

Coming together is beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.
(Edward Everettee Hale)

Karen Steward, Leader Faith@Home NZ

New Look www.faithathome.com


Check out the new look www.faithathome.com!

Mark Holmen (the founder of the Faith@Home Movement) has remodelled his website, after the increase in content had made it a bit 'unwieldy and unfriendly' to find what you were looking for.

It is now divided into 2 streams - churches & households - so it is now much easier to navigate and even links back into Faith@Home NZ as one of their international partners.

Partner Churches

Following Mark's launch of his new look website, some changes to the Partner Church offering can now come to fruition.  We are in the process of finalising this and hope to have it ready to present at the training in November and in our next ENews.  We will, of course, contact our current partners directly to fill you in and let you know how we can better partner together to spread Faith@Home across our nation.

Faith@Home - A Senior Pastor's Perspective

Check out our website for a video message by Senior Pastor Derek Allan, where he explains how Faith@Home has been implemented at Hamilton Central Baptist Church, and the impact this has had on their church community.

Training - Faith@Home 201 - 19th November 2013

Brian Siewert, Leader Faith@Home Canada

Join us as Brian Siewert, Leader Faith@Home Canada, gives us the next steps in becoming a Faith@Home focused Church.  This Faith@Home 201 training day will be hugely beneficial for leaders working out “the next steps” to embedding Faith@Home in their church, while also being suitable for those just starting out.

Brian has been working closely with Mark Holmen (the founder of the Faith@Home Movement) on the development of the International Faith@Home Network, and comes highly recommended by Mark.

Pre-requisites:  Have attended Mark Holmen Seminar for Leaders OR read Church+Home OR watched Church+Home DVD
(both the book & DVD are available from our Web Shop).

Location: Baptist Union Of New Zealand, Auckland

Cost: $65 Partner Churches or $75 Non Partner Churches, per person (including catering)

Register: Before Wed 13th Nov through our Web Shop

See our website for more information

Church+Home Training DVD - Mark Holmen

Church+Home DVD

This DVD contains four keynote presentations by Mark Holmen, giving you the ability to train or inform your church leaders about Faith@Home.

Session 1  The Biblical & Statistical Foundation
Session 2  Becoming A Faith@Home Focused Church
Session 3  Faith@Home Keys & Traps
Session 4  Faith@Home Next Steps
(Sessions are approximately 50 minutes long)

Available now from our Web Shop @ $60 incl GST.

The Gift of Values by Rosie Boom

The Gift of Values

A word from Rosie: "If you feel daunted at the idea of family devotions, start small. Try to make it a habit. We can feel discouraged if we don’t achieve all our goals, but rather, we should be celebrating every small step along the way.   Remember, great oaks grow from little acorns!

For those of you who have struggled with family devotions, and found them more a curse than a blessing, my hope is that this book will make you think, “I can do this!”

And for those of you who have yet to embark on the wonderful journey of family devotions, my prayer is that this book will be just what you need to get you started."

For more information or to order go to Rosie's website http://www.rosieboom.com/

The Barn Chronicles by Rosie Boom

The Barn Chronicles

A word from Rosie: "The Barn Chronicles is a series of four books that tell the story of our family’s move to the country and our attempt to simplify our lifestyle as we live in a 90-year-old barn in rural Northland, New Zealand. They relate our dramas and adventures, mistakes, fun, laughter and tears.  The books are written through the eyes of Milly, who was ten when we moved into the barn. They are read aloud books for families to enjoy together."

The fourth book - Where the River Rises - is due out early November and will be $25.  The boxed set will also be available then at $75.

For more information or to order go to Rosie's website http://www.rosieboom.com/