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Welcome to the November newsletter, which will be the final one for 2018. We are thrilled to now have 8,229 subscribers to the speechBITE newsletter! That is 1,075 more subscribers than last year. Our subscribers come from 101 countries across the world.

In this edition, we are updating you on the latest intervention research that has been added to speechBITE.

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Latest publications

Adult Language
Baker C, Worrall L et al (2018) A systematic review of rehabilitation interventions to prevent and treat depression in post-stroke aphasia

De Luca R, Aragona B et al (2018) Computerized Training in Poststroke Aphasia: What About the Long-Term Effects? A Randomized Clinical Trial

Kintz S, Hibbs V et al (2018) Discourse-based treatment in mild traumatic brain injury

Oswald TM, Winder-Patel B et al (2018) A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of the ACCESS Program: A Group Intervention to Improve Social, Adaptive Functioning, Stress Coping, and Self-Determination Outcomes in Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Whitworth A, Cartwright J et al (2018). Taking words to a new level: a preliminary investigation of discourse intervention in primary progressive aphasia

Child Language
Brignell A, Chenausky KV et al (2018) Communication interventions for autism spectrum disorder in minimally verbal children

Dyson H, Solity J et al (2018) Effectiveness of a small-group vocabulary intervention programme: evidence from a regression discontinuity design

Green KB, Towson JA et al (2018) Facilitated playgroups to promote speech and language skills of young children with communication delays: A pilot study

Trussell JW, Hasko J et al (2018) Interactive Storybook Reading Instruction for Preschoolers Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: A Multiple Probe Across Behaviors Analysis

Flanagan KJ, Ttofari Eecen K (2018) Core vocabulary therapy for the treatment of inconsistent phonological disorder: Variations in service delivery

Kearney E, Haworth B et al (2018) Treating Speech Movement Hypokinesia in Parkinson's Disease: Does Movement Size Matter?

Al-Khaledi M, Lincoln M et al (2018) The Lidcombe Program: A series of case studies with Kuwaiti preschool children who stutter

Millard SK, Zebrowski P et al (2018) Palin Parent–Child Interaction Therapy: The Bigger Picture

Krekeler BN, Broadfoot CK et al (2018) Patient Adherence to Dysphagia Recommendations: A Systematic Review

Watson M, Drosdowsky A et al (2018) Voice Outcomes after Radiotherapy Treatment for Early Glottic Cancer: Long-Term Follow-Up

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