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Sizzling recipes and savings to kick off summertime eating.
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Spring into summertime flavour.
Fire up your taste buds. With the Victoria Day weekend comes the official start of grilling season. Whether you’re staying home or escaping the city, make your barbecue plans all about the freshest local produce, sizzling steaks, hearty salads, and spicy cocktails for evening sipping. Enjoy cool savings on BBQ’s sidekick, sour cream, to get you started.
Photo of Two Caesar drinks on a marble counter with extra cheese, fruit and seasoning surrounding them.
Part drink. Part appetizer. All Canadian.
Shake up Canada’s most popular cocktail, the Caesar. Known for its multitude of garnishes, our version adds delicious grilled halloumi and pineapple. The drink itself gets a Mexican twist with potent tequila, fresh lime juice and jalapeño hot sauce. Serve at cocktail hour or at your weekend brunch for a drink that’s part sweet, part heat, and all spicy fun.
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Photo of Two plates of steak fajitas with vegetables, sour cream and chipotle cheese.
The flavours of summer, all wrapped up.
Fajita night is always popular. It combines the flavours of summer with the sensory experience of eating with your hands. Our Honey Chipotle Sheet Pan Fajitas feature sizzling veggies, tender flank steak, sour cream, and creamy chipotle cheese. And unlike other fajita recipes, it can all be prepared on only two pans. Weekend simplicity at its finest.
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Photo of Bowl of roasted potatoes and radishes with a creamy herb dressing.
When small potatoes are kind of a big deal.
Our Creamy Herb Grilled Potato Salad is a must-have for picnics, patios, and garden dining. The satisfying taste and texture of grilled baby potatoes meets the crunch of celery and radish, while fresh parsley and Gold Sour Cream give this salad a bright, herbaceous flavour. Light and delicious, it’s a nice change from traditional mayonnaise-based salads.
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Photo of Chips being dipped into a lactose free sour cream dip with green onions.
Turns out you can please everyone.
Sour cream is the ultimate barbecue sidekick, and everyone should be able to enjoy it. That’s why we offer a lactose-free sour cream, plus Hewitt’s goat sour cream for those who are sensitive to cow’s milk. Both are rich and creamy and taste incredible on baked potatoes, in your favourite recipes, or as a cool dip for vegetables or chips.
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Photo of grilled baguette topped with a mixture of blue cheese and cottage cheese, along with strawberries and basil.
Out-of-the-box grilling ideas.
The warmer weather makes this a popular time to host an outdoor barbecue, a favourite summer pastime. Burgers and dogs may be the obvious go-to, but this long weekend, why not wow your guests with unexpected dishes that stray from standard barbecue fare?
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Gay Lea products lined up: Hewitt’s Goat Sour Cream, Gay Lea Lactose Free Sour Cream and Gay Lea Gold Sour Cream.
Top your long weekend.
For topping grilled vegetables, fajitas, and mixing in summer salads, sour cream is a must-have for barbecue season. Enjoy it even more with $1.00 off.
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