The Writing Issue?

I've been reading more and more posts on the value of writing for designers, developers, and pretty much anyone else. Naturally, I thought it time to write my own. So, I suppose this week we're focused on writing. Enjoy.

Writing FTW

In Writing FTW, I look back at what writing has done for me and encourage everyone to share their own writing. Even if the effects aren't immediate, trust me—it's worth it.

Hell Yes

Now that I’ve created something, how do I spread it?

Another great article from Signal v. Noise. I owe a lot to writing (see above). Money, jobs, friends, opportunities that never would have occurred otherwise. This article pretty much sums up why.

Dust off the keyboard

Write What You Know, Now

More fuel for the writing fire, this time from Mark Llobrera and A List Apart. Mark makes the case that writing and sharing throughout the learning process helps everyone, not just yourself. 

Share your story

Writing to Think

A concise argument from Coby Chapple on why we have to write to help clear our minds and think. Couldn't agree more. 

His newsletter rocks, too

Alternative Table Structure for Flexible HTML Emails

Finally, if you write code for HTML emails, here's an interesting new approach from Dan Denney via Mark Robbins. I love the simplicity here and plan on exploring it soon in my own emails.

Goodbye ghosts

Learn Email Design

Professional Email Design is a handbook for HTML email design, diving into the tools, techniques, and elements behind successful campaigns.

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