I’m trying something new.
Instead of haphazardly sending an email after I post something, I’m going to be a bit more consistent and send a weekly newsletter every Sunday. Guess what? That’s today.
Each newsletter will contain a recap of whatever was recently posted on my site as well as a roundup of interesting articles which you may have missed around the web. I don’t post every week, but I do read loads of great articles that I think you’ll love, too.
Let’s get to it.
- MINE -
Campaign Critique 02
In case you missed it, I published a Campaign Critique featuring a lovely email from Ted Goas. Lot’s of feedback in this one, including advice on maintaining brand consistency and focusing a reader’s attention.
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Other Awesome Stuff
One of my readers recently emailed asking about the intersection of modern web design and HTML email. So, what better way to herald in a new era for my newsletter than by sharing some of my favorite articles on this fascinating meeting place of old and new.
Improve Your Email Workflow With Modular Design
Brian Graves just published an amazing article on Smashing Magazine, diving into his uber-advanced HTML email workflow. Modern web design process + email design = amazing stuff.
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Emails With Haml And Jekyll Front Matter
Code School’s email magician, Dan Denney, shares part of his process. So much of the web/email intersection is about process and tools. Dan’s tools of choice? Haml and Jekyll.
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Getting Started With Sass In Email
Friend and fellow email designer Alex Ilhan tells you how to get started with Sass, one of the most popular CSS preprocessors around, in your HTML email builds.
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