N8 Research Partnership September Newsletter

October 2016

Director's Update - The Power of 8.

Welcome to the October issue of the N8 Research Partnership Newsletter.

Over the last two months, we have focussed on how we as research-intensive universities can contribute to the future industrial transformation and economic success of the North.

This month, we launched The Power of 8: Knowledge, Innovation and Growth for the North. This landmark study is the first comprehensive analysis of the impact of the N8 universities on the Northern economy.

The evidence within the report is impressive: N8 universities are responsible for 119,000 Northern jobs, £12.2 billion generated in revenue, £6.6 billion GVA, and >17000 small and medium sized businesses assisted. N8 universities are central to the economy, and are at the heart of the Northern innovation agenda.

In this issue, the impact and recommendations from the report are outlined, and for those of you unable to attend we report on The Power of 8 launch event, held in Leeds.

Much is uncertain currently in the university sector, with a forthcoming Higher Education bill, a new industrial strategy emerging in Whitehall, the establishment of UKRI, and an uncertain European research funding landscape. N8 will continue to work on finding practical solutions and recommending policy actions to benefit all in the North.

I welcome those who want to work with us to build a successful future for the research sector, the economy of the Northern region and beyond, to get in touch with me, let’s build this together..

Please feel free to contact me for more information, or to get involved in our programmes.

Dr Peter Simpson
Director, N8 Research Partnership

The Power of 8: Knowledge, Innovation and Growth for the North

The Power of 8 details how the N8 institutions, as major economic enterprises, generate massive revenue and economic activity in the North of England, as well as creating thousands of jobs and attracting investment to the region.

This report highlights the critical role which research funding plays in driving economic impact and identifies the value of research funding which comes from EU sources.

Click the link below to find out more, or download the report.

Download the report here

Knowledge and Innovation for a bright economic future in the North

'Universities need to be able to attract and retain the world’s most talented researchers and students.'

Read our blog by Professor Koen Lamberts, Vice-Chancellor of the University of York and Chair of the N8 Research Partnership.

Read the blog

N8 in the news: coverage of our report launch

The N8 economic impact report has amassed media coverage across the North, including a feature article in the Yorkshire Post: 'How our Universities will fuel the Northern Powerhouse'.

Click the link below to read the full feature, and other press coverage on our website.

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The Power of 8 - video

Watch: The Power of 8: Knowledge, Innovation and Growth for the North

We reveal the scale of the N8 universities and their contribution to the economy of the North of England, comparing the relative GVA impact of the N8 universities to that of the entire Premier League.

Follow the link below to watch our infographic animation.

The Power of 8 - video
Marian Sudbury

The launch of the N8 economic impact report

The Power of 8: Knowledge, innovation and Growth for the North was launched at the University of Leeds on 16th September 2016. Speakers included Sir Alan Langlands, David Brown, Marian Sudbury and N8 Director Peter Simpson.

Take a look at the gallery from the launch event.

Launch event gallery