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If you ask me how my week has been, I'll probably describe it as interesting and curious.

The thing about this week has been that I actually started feeling better (about myself and especially, who I am as an entrepreneur) for the first time since I pressed pause on PublicBeta.

And this just kinda happened. I didn't plan it and I can't identify any pragmatic steps that I had been taking in the last couple of weeks that I could say was the prelude to feeling better. That's the curious part at least.

The interesting part is down to the momentum that this feel-good factor created, specifically related to starting (up) again. Whilst I'm probably some way off committing my head and heart to a new project or startup, this week marked a new start for me in preparing the foundation (for when I do feel ready to take on the challenge again).

Over the years - as I have matured as an entrepreneur - my definition of entrepreneurship has been an ongoing evolution. And I don't think I yet have the perfect definition that completely resonates with me. But there's one word that I will always include in that definition: starting.

In the last week, starting meant that I needed to stop procrastination in favour of tinkering, experimenting and building once again. It's also required a change in my mindset to help me see the forest for the trees.

But most importantly, it required me to stop waiting (for whatever) and not ask permission. I have had my most success when I didn't ask permission and just started. In fact, that's been the key for me in starting and the primary driver to all of the best things I've ever done.

Read my article on never asking permission here.

Starting is never an exact science and always a form of art. Every entrepreneur (or wantrepreneur) will apply their own techniques and brush strokes as they stare at their own blank canvas.

I can however guarantee that none of the greatest artists in history ever waited (or asked permission) to start working on their masterpieces.

How can I help you start today?



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