A bit of writing and some of the more interesting things I found online this week...

My First Mistake

About a week into my new gig as a product manager and I feel like I made my first stumble. 

Failure to communicate

What happens when you fail to set expectations or account for different contexts between team members? 

A failure to communicate

Thinking Outside the <table>

Check out one of my favorite talks from the London edition of The Email Design Conference. RĂ©mi Parmentier plays detective on his way to defining the Fab Four Technique.

Constraints drive creativity

Vox Accessibility Guidelines

I absolutely love all of the work coming out of Vox Media. These accessibility guidelines are a killer checklist for anyone building products on the web.

Check 'em off

Making YouTube Videos Look Sharp and Professional on a Budget

I don't do YouTube, but videos are going to be more of a focus for me coming up. I found these tips from Scott Hanselman to be invaluable as I start thinking about improving those videos.


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