Newsletter - May 2019

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Welcome to the May edition of the speechBITE newsletter! This month we are updating you on the latest intervention research that has recently been added to the website.

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Latest publications


Balou M, Herzberg EG, et al (2019) An intensive swallowing exercise protocol for improving swallowing physiology in older adults with radiographically confirmed dysphagia Open access

Moroney LB, Helios J, et al (2019) Radiotherapy for cutaneous head and neck cancer and parotid tumours: a prospective investigation of treatment-related acute swallowing and toxicity patterns

Park HS, Oh DH, et al (2019) Effect of effortful swallowing training on tongue strength and oropharyngeal swallowing function in stroke patients with dysphagia: a double-blind, randomized controlled trial

Brain Injury

Behn N, Marshall J, et al (2019) Feasibility and initial efficacy of project-based treatment for people with ABI

Gilmore N, Ross K, et al (2019) The Intensive Cognitive-Communication Rehabilitation Program for Young Adults With Acquired Brain Injury


Bruce C, Newton C (2019) ‘What's cooking?’ A comparison of an activity-oriented and a table-top programme of therapy on the language performance of people with aphasia

Dial HR, Hinshelwood HA, et al (2019) Investigating the utility of teletherapy in individuals with primary progressive aphasia Open access

Quique YM, Evans WS, et al (2019) Acquisition and Generalization Responses in Aphasia Naming Treatment: A Meta-Analysis of Semantic Feature Analysis Outcomes

Zumbansen A, Tremblay P (2019) Music-based interventions for aphasia could act through a motor-speech mechanism: a systematic review and case-control analysis of published individual participant data

Paediatric Language

Eidsvåg SS, Plante E, et al (2019) Individual Versus Small Group Treatment of Morphological Errors for Children With Developmental Language Disorder

Korat O, Graister T, et al (2019) Contribution of reading an e-book with a dictionary to word learning: Comparison between kindergarteners with and without SLI

Stockwell K, Alabdulqader E, et al (2019) Feasibility of parent communication training with remote coaching using smartphone apps

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Acosta V, Hernandez S, et al (2019) Effectiveness of a working memory intervention program in children with language disorders

Hearing Loss

McDaniel J, Benítez-Barrera CR, et al (2019) Bilingual versus monolingual vocabulary instruction for bilingual children with hearing loss

Speech Sound Disorder

Lundeborg Hammarström I, Svensson RM, et al (2019) A shift of treatment approach in speech language pathology services for children with speech sound disorders–a single case study of an intense intervention based on non-linear phonology and motor-learning principles Open access


Wolter NE, Ayele N, et al (2019) Medialization Laryngoplasty in Pediatric Patients With Unilateral Vocal Fold Immobility: A Case Series


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