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A few words from Tim...

Today marks another milestone in the COVID diary as we see more businesses allowed to open and some foreign travel resuming.

This brings to the fore the constant dilemma of considering air miles and global sustainability whilst still trying to drive business forwards.

Made in Britain

You may not know, but we are proud members of the Made in Britain organisation who strive to support British Manufacturing alongside Green Growth.

Our article this month is based around a particularly pertinent LinkedIn post from Made in Britain. The opening statement is pretty powerful and certainly made me stop and think. It's something to consider - I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.

We're aware it's not always easy in business to "Be Greener" but we offer a viable manufacturing alternative right here on your doorstep, so why not give us a call and we'll be happy to quote. Now that is easy!

As always, we're at your service,

Plunkett Associates
Global sustainability

Reduce Risk, Ensure Supply & Go Local

“It is 12,000 miles from China by sea. It is 864 miles from Land's End to John o' Groats. Imagine the small change we could all make by buying within the 864 miles & supporting products Made in Britain...

We are working hard to address the important issues around the climate change, sustainability and circularity. These current global challenges go hand-in-hand with other issues such as shipping costs, security of supply and raw material prices.

Britain is leading the world in sustainability and climate change - if we all made the effort to find products, makers and manufacturers that are Made in Britain it is a step-wise change.”


If you have a project in mind, or would like more information, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

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