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Welcome to the March speechBITE newsletter! This month we are updating you on some of the latest research added to speechBITE.

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Latest publications


Chen WL, Ye Q et al (2019) Aphasia rehabilitation based on mirror neuron theory: A randomized-block-design study of neuropsychology and functional magnetic resonance imaging

Croot K, Raiser T et al (2019) Lexical retrieval treatment in primary progressive aphasia: An investigation of treatment duration in a heterogeneous case series

Harvey DY, Mass JA et al (2019) Continuous theta burst stimulation over right pars triangularis facilitates naming abilities in chronic post-stroke aphasia by enhancing phonological access

Merrett DL, Tailby C et al (2019) Perspectives from case studies in obtaining evidence for music interventions in aphasia

Slavin D, Fabus R (2018) A Case Study Using a Multimodal Approach to Melodic Intonation Therapy

Paediatric Language

Costa EA, Day L et al (2019) Parent-Child Interaction Therapy as a Behavior and Spoken Language Intervention for Young Children With Hearing Loss

Gerow S, Rispoli M et al (2019) Parent-Implemented Trial-Based Functional Analysis for Young Children With ASD

Lim N, O'Reilly MF et al (2019) Should Heritage Languages be Incorporated into Interventions for Bilingual Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Disorders? A Systematic Review


McInerney MS, Reddihough DS et al (2019) Behavioural interventions to treat drooling in children with neurodisability: a systematic review

Miller AL, Hersh CJ et al (2019) Short-term swallowing outcomes following type 1 laryngeal cleft injection


Druker KC, Mazzucchelli TG et al (2019) An evaluation of an integrated fluency and resilience program for early developmental stuttering disorders

Scheurich JA, Beidel DC et al (2019) Exposure therapy for social anxiety disorder in people who stutter: An exploratory multiple baseline design


Douglas JM, Knox L et al (2019) Effectiveness of Communication-specific Coping Intervention for adults with traumatic brain injury: preliminary results

Ramanathan P, Turner HA et al (2019) Intensive cognitive rehabilitation therapy for chronic traumatic brain injury: a case study of neural correlates of functional improvement


Tezcaner ZC, Gokmen MF et al (2019) Clinical Features of Psychogenic Voice Disorder and the Efficiency of Voice Therapy and Psychological Evaluation


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