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Effective Career Must Have



A successful career is? What's one thing that is more likely to bring it about than anything else? What is one career must have? I refer to being an 'active' managing editor of your own growth and development.


Any reason for career change can be attributed to some form of growth or perhaps the lack of it. The key is, not to be reactive in terms of it's pursuit. Better to stay on the front foot as when you don't, whether you know it or not, this consciously or subconsciously impacts how you show up, the quality of the work you do, so harming your reputation and your chances of moving forward. This sounds obvious, but many planners I speak with do not have a well thought out idea of how they want to grow.


Moving forward, what is the best career plan? To further develop existing skills, or to learn new ones? The answer is, it depends! But, the best use of time for anyone will be one in which you get to use and develop skills you wish to, in a context that allows you to thrive and for a purpose that has meaning for you. Know this, 'know thyself' and then worry about the market and what it wants/what it defines as success. Compromises are invariably needed but key to an effective career has to start with your definition of time well spent/understanding the growth you seek.

I'd be happy to talk through with any of you.

Best wishes, S





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Job Opportunities 03/10/21

If you know of anyone looking for full time or part time work, some of the below opportunities are full time and some temp to perm.

 1. NY/AT - Director Integrated Strategy - >170K  creative a     

 2. SF - Director Strategy, Btob focus - >180K - creative a           

 3. Nashville - VP Integrated Planning - >150+ - media/pr             

 4. New York - Director Data Analytics - >170 - creative

 5. New York - Director Data Analytics - >180 - pr 

 6. NY EVP Strategy - >250-300 - pr

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