Email-First Businesses
I’m fascinated by the idea of using email not only as a way to drive business, but as a platform on which to build a business. Below are a few examples of businesses that built products with email first, but I’d love to hear if you have any other examples.
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Campaign Critique
Just a reminder that I run a blog series called Campaign Critique that reviews and offers helpful tips on improving your email campaigns. Anyone can submit their design. I’d love to see what you’re working on and help make it better!
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Other Awesome Stuff
Email-First Startups
Product Hunt’s Ryan Hoover takes a quick look at why email is an amazing platform to build on and talks briefly about a few notable email-first startups.
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Email Still Isn’t Dead
An interesting look at email-first business Thrillist, which started as a daily newsletter and grew into a media empire that now pulls in $83 million in revenue.
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Curated uses email as their product, allowing people to easily curate and craft digest newsletters. An interesting take on the email newsletter platform.
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