My Laptop is Adobe-Free

I've finally done it—I've wiped all traces of Adobe off of my personal laptop. 

Product update video

You may be wondering how the hell I get anything done then, right? Don't worry, my latest post goes over my alternatives to Adobe creative software.

Mighty alternatives

It's Not About the Tools

A fitting reminder from Ben Brooks that it's about the work, not the tools used. They can be fun—and addicting—but you can get a lot done with what you have.

There's always something better

Ones, Not Hundreds

Good advice from Eric Karjaluoto on starting small. Every audience and every product starts with single-digit users. It's too early to worry about hundreds or thousands. 

Find one, then another tomorrow

Blank Paper

Putting this in my Read Yearly bookmarks folder. A blank page offers unlimited opportunity, one of the reasons I'm trying to do as much work in notebooks as possible going forward.

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