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Strategic Planning Jobs - Where are they going?

Stuart Parkin

As communications move from mass to personalized, data specialists and consultancies have been gaining ascendancy but it’s unclear exactly how things will play out. There is in fact risk that most agencies, as well as consultancies, are to some extent failing,  “The big consultancies have underestimated the value of creativity while agencies have under exploited the value of business analytics” (Ivan Pollard, SVP Coca Cola).

Agencies have for some time now been adjusting their models to incorporate data analytics in an attempt to ensure that creative insight provides measurable benefits.

Clients meanwhile, increasingly are moving to control their data, which will create more strategic opportunities on the client-side.

As the agency business is reintegrating its offering opportunity will exist increasingly for generalists.

What do you think? For more on the trends, some articles to provide context.


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