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Fall is Here!

Which means many high school students are beginning to think about college. So, this September edition of the Teach Your Own newsletter is dedicated to providing specific information for homeschooling families whose students are preparing to apply to college in the coming weeks. In this issue you'll find:

  1.   Three great colleges for homeschoolers,
  2. Two hot tips on college admissions, and
  3. Our top college links for September!

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Three Great Colleges for Homeschoolers

If you've got questions for college admissions officers, we've probably asked them -- and have the answers! Check out our ever-growing library of recorded admissions interviews...



Two Hot Tips for Homeschoolers Applying to College!

Colleges need to attract and select the most highly-qualified students they can. So what are some new methods by which they do this?  Honestly, I think you'll be surprised.



Top Picks for September

Deciding where to apply to college is a project in itself. Let us help save you some time! These are some of the top college information sites recommended by college counselors...


And here's some other great information we don't want you to miss...


Survey of Homeschoolers

Got questions? If you haven't had a chance to participate in our online survey of home schoolers, it's not too late! Share your questions, we'll get answers!


Admissions Officer Survey

If you're an admissions officer or counselor and have some suggestions to share with homeschoolers planning to apply to college, we'd love to hear them!