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Midterm Evaluation of bioSYNergy concludes: World-Leading 

The international review panel appointed to carry out, among others, the midterm evaluation of our bioSYNergy project finds evidence of world-leading excellence in several parts of the project

Impressive presence in scientific journals highlighted the recent time for SynBio Center. Plentiful of stories on nanotechnology, physical chemistry and plant physiology as well as other significant articles from different areas of plant science reflect the progress in the synthetic biology at the center.  


CosmoCrops all over the world

Our awesome iGEM team - CosmoCrops - is on everybody's lips these days
From Denmark to Russia, from China to the US – all over the globe the story is told of the team that wants to bring sustainable bioproduction to space and supply astronauts with 3D printable bioplastic, foodstuff and medicine. What is going on?!


Grants awarded


Prof. Poul Erik Jensen group awarded VILLUM FONDEN research grant.
The grant is aimed for 5 years and will be covering a project of design and exploration of novel electron transfer pathways.

Ass. prof. Sotirios Kampranis group received a Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biotechnology-based synthesis and production research. The fellowship will be covering a project on taxol biosynthesis in yeast.


In the media

Bioethical questions
As an emerging technology that uses DNA-modifying techniques, Synthetic Biology raises bioethical questions that must be adressed and asessed continuously. In Ingeniøren, Sune Holm considers some of the ethical implications of using synthetic biology in a series of articles in Ingeniøren.

The problem with vanilla
Postdoc Nethaji Gallage and Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller discuss bioproduction of Vanilla in the article in Chemical And Engineering News


iGEM team presents at Danish Science Week

26-30 September 2016

This year’s topic is “The Heart & The Brain”. Artificial intelligence, why giraffe has such a big heart, love fragrance and critical thinking etc


CRISPR: The genetic revolution on our doorstep

11 October 2016

Talk by professor Birger Lindberg Møller on CRISPR genome editing within the series of Vin&Videnskab seminars


SPPS Early Career PI network meeting

21-23 November 2016

The network serves as a platform for the promotion of plant science in the Nordic countries and we invite young group leaders to join this network and participate in the meeting


13th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress

Prof. Poul Erik Jensen, head of Copenhagen Plant Science Center and member of the synbio Research Committee, is organizing the NPC13, 13th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress in October 2016

Synchrotron and Neutron Scattering in Biomaterials and Soft Matter

Ass. Prof. Marité Cardenas and Prof. Kell Mortensen are co-organizers of the  workshop to gather a community of current and future users of neutron scattering within the cross-interdisciplinary areas of biology and soft matter


The new fantastic iGEM 2016 team CosmoCrops. Follow their journey on Facebook and Twitter. The sky is the limit!


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