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Four ways local government can support mental health through community design

Image of people on a sidewalk looking at several pieces of art on a building wall.

Did you know that characteristics of the built environment where you live, work, play, and learn have an impact on your mental health? In fact, community design decisions made today have lasting impacts on communities and can influence community mental health for years to come. In our newest article, we discuss some of the ways local governments can promote mental and social wellness when designing the built environments of their communities. Learn more. 

The proof is in the planning: Updated toolkit draws the links between planning strategies, health and well-being

Cover of the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit

Our health is significantly influenced by the design of our communities.To support the integration of health priorities within community planning and design, BC Centre for Disease Control's Population & Public Health Program recently released an update to the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit. 

Based on comprehensive literature reviews and weighted assessment criteria, the HBE Linkages Toolkit considers health evidence related to neighbourhood design, transportation systems, food systems, natural environments and housing and offers a synthesis of research findings which link planning principles to specific health outcomes. Read more.

Excerpt from the cover art of Exchange Magazine. A hand holds up a planet and a boy, young man, and older man stand on the planet.


Becoming age-friendly—supporting people through all stages of life—is an increasing priority for communities. Our Healthy Community Planner Sarah Ravlic was recently interviewed by Exchange Magazine about the role that local governments and other partners play in creating age-friendly communities.

Cover image of the 105 Hikes book.


Coast Salish author Cease Wyss and backpacker & author Stephen Hui remind readers of the history of the land where they walk as part of 105 Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia—a book that connects people with the natural world and its Indigenous history.

Image of hands typing on a laptop.

In addition to offering our own granting program, the PlanH site now includes a list of other grants and funding opportunities that support new initiatives and help communities achieve health and well-being for all. See our list of funding opportunities.






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