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August 31st edition

The Sea Around Us News Alert highlights our ongoing research and projects, and provides updates on recent conferences, news, and events.


We have a new video section

The Sea Around Us now has a video section where users can view interviews and presentations on a variety of subjects — from MPA’s to bottom trawling to shifting baselines.

Oceana Canada to host science symposium

Oceana Canada is hosting a science symposium in Ottawa on October 26, 2016, titled Rebuilding Abundance: Restoring Canada’s Fisheries for Long-Term Prosperity.

Tools and data for improving fisheries policy worldwide

Access to better data on the world’s fisheries is essential for improving fisheries policy globally, especially in developing countries where data on fisheries is often extremely limited.


A Look Back: Recreational fishing accounts for half of all fish caught in The Bahamas

Tourist fishing is big business in The Bahamas, but exactly how big was not known until now.