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April 12, 2016
Wind Blade

Less Work, More Profit: Converting Expertise That Converts to the Bottom Line

In the wind energy business, bird strike damage can be a real problem. Such damage can negatively impact the performance of a wind blade.

Learn how Gasket Engineering is helping to keep wind blades operational and why Mark Kirk of Composite One said, “Gasket Engineering has refined the process so well and figured out the secret of kitting and pattern cutting so that there is absolutely no waste. No shop has less scrap; they are pretty phenomenal …They have eliminated the headaches without increasing costs.”

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Gasket Engineering Helps Customers Expand Their Product Offerings

Imagine trying to manage a challenging material as difficult to handle as a large sheet of Saran Wrap…now try to process that material without getting it tangled. Seems impossible, right?

See why CLARCOR Industrial Air partnered with Gasket Engineering to expand its product offerings, solve unique business challenges and expand its customer base.

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We Have A New Logo!

You may have noticed that we have a new logo that we launched in the last six months. We have been looking for a way to honor our past AND express our innovative, future-oriented culture at the same time. We wanted our logo to represent both customer service excellence, expertise in converting and cutting edge technology that we’ve invested in over the past few years. Here’s what we did … Read More »

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