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August 2016
PORON Hubble Telescope

If It Works for the Hubble Space Telescope, Maybe It Could Work For Your Product

Need a product with outstanding impact protection and excellent sealing capability that lasts a loooong time? As a Rogers® Preferred Converter, Gasket Engineering is well-versed in converting their most-popular PORON® urethane foam, which provides the perfect solution for a wide variety of gasketing needs.

PORON materials have been successful in sealing out the environment including on door gaskets on roof top enclosures to access panels on the Hubbell Space telescope! Find out why PORON foam materials work so well.

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Rogers Corp Preferred Converter

Many Think We Are The Best Of The Best

Gasket Engineering is proud to be designated as a Rogers Preferred Converter because it means that their customers can get special benefits that others cannot get. Find out what those benefits are by clicking here.

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From the Softest to the Firmest

With high tensile strength and fluid resistance, BISCO silicone materials come in a wide variety of foam, solids and composite materials and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Silicones are unique from other polyurethanes, EPDMs, EVAs in that they can hold up in a very wide range of temperatures (-55C to 205C!) and can also go many, many years in an application without losing their physical properties.

These cellular materials come in a variety of firmness to meet every customer need, including:

•   Gasketing and sealing for dust, fluid, and light
•   Isolate vibration
•   Fill gaps
•   Water sealing

BISCO Silicone Material

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