How Two Broke College Kids Outdesigned the $60B Watch Industry
As designers and developers, we use our design and development skills every day to create great products and build new things. Today we’d like to share a story about two broke college kids who used their focus on design and minimalism to build great physical products and grow MVMT into an amazing company.

In 2013 Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante were college roommates living in Santa Barbara, California. They had a shared interest in wrist watches and were disgusted with the high price tags they saw on nearly every model.
They locked themselves in their apartment for a few months and designed like crazy. They focused on minimalism, and did tons of user research. At the end they designed their own line of watches and launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for their idea.

The campaign killed it! They raised more than $215,000 and haven’t looked back ever since. They continue to focus on minimalism and simplicity in their design, not only for the watches themselves, but also for their website and entire digital presence. Just four years later their company, MVMT, has sold more than 1 million watches in 160 countries worldwide.

We think Jake and Kramer’s story is inspiring to all of us, and further supports the idea that good design coupled with determination and creativity leads to success. Check out their site and you can see their design, their watches and read more about their story.
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