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Congratulations DeMedeiros Family!

Sailor DeMedeiros

Sailor DeMedeiros - 2/18/2015


You will never know the way you healed our broken spirits. The way you completed our hearts. The way you strengthened  our wavering faith. We were weak before we held you, and you made us whole again. 

— Jamie DeMedeiros


Brooke Bergman shares her story of Brave Love as an incredible adoption advocate and mom who placed her daughter for adoption.


What are some of the reasons you placed?

For starters, I was seventeen and in high school. I lacked preparation, maturity, and resources. While I had no doubt in my ability to be a good parent given the circumstances, I didn’t want my daughter to spend her childhood waiting for me to get my life together. I was planning to parent for the majority of my pregnancy because I felt the need to prove myself and because I knew adoption would be incredibly painful. But I had a humbling epiphany that this wasn’t about me. When I seriously weighed cost and benefit, adoption was undeniably best for my child.

"But I had a humbling epiphany that this wasn’t about me."


Adopting from Foster Care?

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Waiting Family Support Group

Please join us Monday, March 16th at 6:00 PM at the IPAS Office. It will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with other families, learn about the latest happenings at IPAS, and talk to adoptive parents that have previous experience with the adoption journey. We now have a Waiting Family Group Facebook page. Contact Stephanie if you would like to be added.