Are you a web designer?
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the relationship between the web and email design. So I’m curious: what’s your background? If you’re a web designer, how does that influence how you approach email?
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Where Web and Email Meet
Some of that thinking made its way into an article on the intersection of web and email design. I think there are three areas of interest here: technology, techniques, and process.
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Other Awesome Stuff
What’s your email design workflow like?
Lee Munroe starts up an interesting thread on Designer News about the email design process. I get the general sense that most people would respond: what process?
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20 Years of Web Design and Community
If you’ve been working on the web, you likely know Jeffrey Zeldman. Here’s a fascinating look at his career and the past twenty years of the web. Interesting to see some parallels with where we are today in email design.
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Medium’s CSS is Actually Pretty F***ing Good
An interesting look at how CSS has evolved at Medium. It’s nice to see companies like Medium continuing to refine their process and code. There are always improvements to be made.
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