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Alameda Landing

Welcome to Alameda Landing, a new waterfront, mixed-use community on the island of Alameda. Catellus is developing Alameda Landing’s 72 acres into a dynamic new community that will honor the City’s maritime heritage, connect people through a comprehensive open space network, offer a variety of housing opportunities, provide enhanced shopping experiences, and transform the area into an anchor for major San Francisco Bay Area-based companies. Entitlements are in place for 300,000 sq ft of retail, 300 housing units, and - along the half-mile of waterfront property - for 400,000 sq ft of commercial space and additional retail and restaurants.

The Shops at Alameda Landing

Alameda Landing’s shopping district is comprised of approximately 291,000 sq ft of retail space anchored by Target and Safeway. The balance of the shopping center will feature numerous restaurants, as well as local, regional, and national retailers aimed at addressing the City’s $420 million of annual sales tax leakage. The shopping center will be enhanced with key public open spaces anchored with public art, seating areas, game tables, and a variety of amenities for people of all ages. Target will open first on October 13, 2013, followed by the balance of the shopping center in the summer of 2014. Early tenant announcements, besides Target and Safeway, include Michael’s, In-N-Out, Chase Bank, The Habit Burger Café, and Sleep Train, with several new announcements to follow shortly.

Target Brings Public Art

The City of Alameda Public Art Commission approved artwork for the new Target store scheduled to open on October 13, 2013. The artwork, by Troy Corliss, features nautical themes that will tie in with the site’s history and help create a landmark for the center. The design is a collage of images and drawings printed on tempered glass plates. Corliss is a California artist specializing in glass, metal, and concrete for public institutions and private companies. He has a 19 year history of creating “public art with a sense of place.”

Broker's Open House

RSVP for the Open House

Terranomics and Catellus are hosting an Alameda Landing Open House for brokers on Wednesday September 11, 2103 at noon. The event will feature construction updates, food and prizes, as well as a first look at Target before it opens officially in October. RSVP to Terranomics.