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May 2017
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2017 CLA's are Still Open!

Low Carbon USA & Open Letter

University of California Partners with Vox

Put A Price On It Campaign

Carbon Neutrality at Middlebury 

2017 Climate Leadership Award Nominations
Deadline May 26, 2017

The 8th annual Climate Leadership Awards are here! These awards recognize innovative and advanced leadership in sustainability, climate mitigation, and resilience at signatory campuses of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments. Second Nature offers these awards in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Award winners are recognized as part of the Greenbuild Leadership Awards Program and benefit from global publicity opportunities. Learn More.

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Low Carbon USA & Open Letter
New Partnerships for Climate Action

Since the release of the Open Letter to the Trump Administration on December 19, 2016, over 235 senior leaders in higher education responded to the call to action. To demonstrate our alignment, the higher education sector has joined with more than 1,000 businesses under the banner of LowCarbonUSA in calling for an energy efficient US economy, powered by clean, renewable energy.

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University of California Video Series
In Partnership with Vox

In April, the University of California released the first of a six-episode video series, led by UCLA visiting researcher M. Sanjayan, exploring global climate change and UC's efforts to mitigate its effects through their own Carbon Neutrality Initiative. The press release and more information about the project can be found here

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Put A Price On It Campaign
The Higher Education Carbon Pricing Endorsement Initiative

Over 30 colleges and universities  have endorsed the Put A Price On It campaign, led by non-profit Our Climate and in partnership with the National Geographic. The campaign encourages institutions to support a student-driven initiative to endorse carbon pricing for this economy-wide approach to reducing GHG emissions. The press release can be found here.

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Achieving Carbon Neutrality at Middlebury
Case Study Published

In December of 2016, Middlebury College met it's ambitious goal of carbon neutrality after only nine years through a sustained commitment by students, faculty and administrators. This newly published paper describes the path they took, the methods used, and lessons learned as the College looks to future sustainablity endeavors. 

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MAY 15
Better Buildings Summit
MAY 17
Webinar: Innovative Financing Options & the University Solar Deployment Process
MAY 18
Webinar: Solutions and Resources for University Renewable Energy Procurement
MAY 26
2017 Climate Leadership Award Nominations Due
JUN 11-13
8th Annual Citizens’ Climate International Conference & Lobby Day
JUN 19
AASHE Sustainability Professional Retreat
JUN 26-29
CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference
NACUBO's Business Officer Magazine

Two recent articles in NACUBO’s Business Officer magazine highlight Climate Leadership Network institutions. Transfer of Power explores what’s working on campus to reduce emissions, what leaders have learned, and where they plan to focus efforts next. In Seeding Climate Leadership, Wendell Brase shares the basic principles that support the UC System’s approach to addressing climate change.

Case Study : Colorado State University

This case study by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) examines Colorado State University’s decision to explore the solar panel market and accompanying factors which led to their purchase of alternative energy. The study of CSU is supplemented by an analysis of solar energy generated across the United States by higher education institutions, and is presented with consideration toward the campus’ pre existing sustainability efforts. Learn about the benefits and disadvantages of harnessing solar energy, and CSU’s decision-making process, here.

NREL Screens Universities for Solar and Battery Storage Potential

In this study, NREL screened 8 diverse colleges and universities in exploring the potential of solar energy. The generated data simulates the costs and effects of investing in solar panels on each campus, highlighting monetary savings and units of energy usage. The study is a relevant resource for higher education institutions in the alternative energy decision-making process. Visit NREL’s website for more information about energy planning and support.

Cities of Service

Cities of Service a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that provides resources and support to city leaders meet goals in areas of service, action, and impact. Their efforts contribute toward building stronger communities, infrastructure, and better quality of life for residents. The organization provides a wealth of resources on their website, serving all levels of government officials in addition to citizens interested in civic engagement. Visit their ‘Resources’ page to learn more about how to guide your city and initiate positive impact.

Getting to Carbon Neutrality at Middlebury in 2016: Round 1 Take-Aways
By Jack Byrne, Director, Office of Sustainability Integration, Middlebury College

In December, 2016 Middlebury achieved its goal of carbon neutrality by 2016. This goal had been established by a resolution of the Board of Trustees in 2007. Their commitment followed achievement of an earlier carbon reduction goal and subsequent urging of the College community, after significant groundwork had been done, to establish a goal and pathway for getting to neutrality by 2016. Middlebury subsequently signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment and went to work. It is the third College in the country to have achieved carbon neutrality by a certain date.

As a former Middlebury trustee remarked upon the occasion of achieving neutrality, “An awful lot of carbon neutrality is definitional....Read More.

Carbon Pricing as a Climate Action Tool: Experiences from Swarthmore College
By Nathaniel Graf, Climate Action Senior Fellow, Swarthmore College & Brett Pasinella, Senior Manager of Innovative Services, Second Nature

Climate change threatens to impose wide-ranging social and economic disruption on our world. Unfortunately, the fossil fuel industry and carbon-intensive sectors experience little of the global cost of their activities, and have no market pressure to alter course. Such is the conundrum of motivating the global economy to decarbonize, and the challenge that a group of Swarthmore faculty and staff grappled with in the summer of 2015.

In a shared reading group experience, they explored a popular global solution- carbon pricing. Carbon pricing is among the most powerful and effective policy tools that we have at our disposal to tackle emissions reductions at a national level....Read More.

Honor Society: Announcing Network Service


All Signatory institutions recently received their yearly dues invoice and we thank you in advance for your financial support.

Special recognition is given to signatories for their extraordinary contributions – financial and in service – to the Climate Leadership Network through the new Honor Society. Signatories in the Honor Society will receive increased recognition in the reporting platform and other vehicles throughout the year, as they will be supporting an inclusive and diverse network of campuses striving to implement climate action.

Starting in 2017, Honor Society recognition is also available through activities that have demonstrated benefit to the institutions in the Climate Leadership Network, beyond the benefit to an individual campus meeting their commitment goals. These network service activities are designed to improve connectivity and scale success.

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