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Wrapping up the Climate Savers Business Event

On 5-7 May 2015, together with Volvo and SKF, WWF Climate Savers hosted its annual business event. The theme of this year’s event was Driving Ambitious Corporate Action, and the first day of the event (5 May) was open to all, followed by two days of closed workshops for WWF Climate Savers partner companies.

The event focused on the leading role businesses can take in light of the upcoming Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in Paris. It brought together 29 Climate Savers companies, other industry leaders and policy experts for discussions and relationship-building. This event hoped to pave the way for further business action to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and establish new standards of climate protection excellence.

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Highlights from Gothenburg

Marco Lambertini

Taking bold climate action makes good business sense

Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International, had a bold message when he opened the Climate Savers Business Event with a video message: there is business opportunity in fighting climate change.

Jim Skea

Businesses must act now to stop rising carbon emissions

Global carbon emissions are still growing instead of falling – and businesses must take immediate action to reverse this trend, said the IPCC'S Jim Skea.

Jacques Lapouge

Business involvement vital for success of climate change agreement

In his speech at the Climate Savers Business Event, Jacques Lapouge, the French ambassador to Sweden, explained why the business community will be crucial to the success of COP21.

Callum Grieve

We Mean Business – changing the climate challenge narrative

The narrative for businesses on climate change is usually “it costs jobs and money”. We Mean Business aims to replace this with a story about competitive advantages, more jobs and innovative technologies, explained Callum Grieve.

Marcus Wallenberg

Sustainable technology needs investment

Huge investment in sustainable technology is necessary to change the climate situation, and we must find new ways to finance it, said Marcus Wallenberg, chair of Swedish bank SEB and the G20 CEO advisory group, in his speech at the Climate Savers Business Event.

Frans Johansson

How companies can be innovative on climate change

How does innovation happen? And how can companies be innovative when it comes to climate change? By connecting the dots and looking for the unexpected, according to Frans Johansson, founder of the innovation agency Medici Group.

Eneco, IKEA, Unilever panel

Eneco, IKEA and Unilever: leading the way on sustainability

What can businesses do about climate change – and what is already being done? A panel at the Climate Savers Business Event with representatives from Unilever, Eneco and IKEA shared their thoughts on why companies should join forces to fight climate change.

HP, SKF, Volvo panel

How HP, SKF and Volvo are reducing their climate impacts

Representatives from SKF, Volvo and HP, all operating in different parts of the value chain, gave insights into how they are reducing their climate impacts during a thought-provoking panel at the Climate Savers Business Event. 

Volvo's Niklas Gustavsson

How Volvo is leading on climate change

Volvo Group joined the WWF Climate Savers programme in 2010. Their Chief Sustainability Officer Niklas Gustafsson, who has spent almost 30 years at the company, spoke at the Climate Savers Business Event about their climate action plans.

WWF DG Marco Lambertini video

Watch WWF Director General's message to Climate Savers

WWF Director General Marco Lambertini opened the Climate Savers Business Event with a bold message about business action on climate change. 

WWF Climate Savers Business Event

Corporate leadership is moving to match climate science

WWF’s flag ship business programme Climate Savers is marking 15 years of corporate leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by introducing a new measuring standard, reflecting the global shift in the role of business in fighting climate change.

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