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Excellence in community consultation and engagement: we make it child’s play!

Principal has extensive experience working with Australian schools to build their brands and bring their marketing and communications into the digital age.


How to strengthen family and community engagement?

With the School Excellence Framework (SEF) and the departments objectives to have all schools strengthen and enhance family and community engagement, we have developed and are busy implementing a suite of proven and accountable solutions at a school near you! Our solutions allow your school to......

1.    Drive ongoing effective two-way communication between families and school

2.    Connect learning at home and at school

3.    Build your community and its own unique identity

4.    Recognise the role of the family

5.    Make consultative decisions

6.    Foster and encourage collaboration beyond your school.

If you would like to achieve all of these objectives in a simple, user-friendly way that is measurable, please get in touch ASAP.


Collaboration requires looking to the future

John Hattie