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ISSAT | Video: Piet Biesheuvel - Being an Effective Advisor

What does it take to be an effective advisor? In this video, Piet Biesheuvel shares his insights on overcoming challenges to effectively advising on SSR. Advisors must learn to quickly adapt to the different expections of donors and partners within new environments. Beyond technical experience, then, what are the key assets that advisors need to bring with them to their mission?


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Policy and Research Papers

Gender-Responsive SSR: What does it mean and what are the challenges for its implementation?

Gender is a fundamental component of SSR. Folke Bernadotte Academy published this brief to highlight the importance of considering gender perspecives in SSR. Does the failure to ensure gender-responsive SSR prevent the reform process from contributing to an effective, accountable and sustainable security sector?

Politics and Policing: Understanding the impact of post-conflict political settlements on security reforms in Kenya

How did the political elite, national police institutions and pro-reform actors interact to make police reform a reality after the 2007 internal violence in Kenya? And what impact did that process have on security transformation? This report from Saferworld tries to answer these questions by focusing on political settlement, a concept that becomes progressively more prominent in the SSR process.

Foreign Ownership Bans and Private Security: Protectionism or Security Sector Governance?

The Centre for Security Governance discusses the practice of banning or restricting foreign ownership of private security companies (PSCs). A relatively common practice, these bans respond to a range of factors, from security concerns to economic and political interests. They need to be taken into account in attempts to improve the governance of transnational private security provision.

ISSAT Training Courses

Advanced Course on Security Sector Reform | The Hague

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union, in partnership with DCAF-ISSAT, will organise an advanced training course on security sector reform in the Hague from October 17-21. Please note that the applications close on Monday 12 September.



Role of youth in peace-building and ensuring stability in Kyrgyzstan | Friday 26 August 08:00 - Saturday 27 August 18:00 2016 | Jalal-Abad

OSCE in partnership with IRET and Alga organises this Youth Forum to discuss prevention and combat against violent extremism and radicalisation amongst youth in Kyrgyzstan. Participants will be invited to talk about problems faced by their communities and ways to cooperate on security matters.


Civil Affairs Officer | DPKO | Deadline: 31 August 2016

Consultant: Training and Capacity Building | Transparency International | Deadline: 16 September 2016

Police and Justice Advisers | Adam Smith International | Nairobi | Deadline: Until position is filled

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