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Stuart Parkin

Which conferences or award shows are best for strategic planners? SxSW, Cannes, PSFK, Jay Chiat’s, Planning-Ness, TED Talks…? Are they even worth it?

Here’s my take on the marque events I attended: a newsletter for creative strategy/brand planning professionals My main (and obvious) thought is that having a specific goal gives you a better chance of getting a worthwhile experience. Take a moment to identify what you really want –strategic insights, exposure to current thinking, specific learning for the team, inspiration, networking opportunities –and act accordingly.

Each conference has its own style and focus. SxSWand Cannes offer a little for everybody (latest strategic thinking, methodologies, technology, music, video...etcetera) and can be overwhelming without a game plan. Planning-Ness is at the other end of the spectrum and its limited numbers gets attendees truly engaged. Jay ChiatAwards are great for networking with strategists of all levels and expertise and the EFFIE’s are fun too but are over in a few hours, so the event is less network friendly. And PSFK and TED Talks give fresh thinking from a range of non-media industry executives.

Having talked about goals, I find that some time without structure yields valuable interactions and the ‘fun’ element key for a positive experience.

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PS. Events of interest to lateral thinkers: Lucid NYC

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