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Forestry Measurement

Haglöf Vertex IV Ultrasonic


True “work horse” for the forestry professional


Use the Vertex IV to measure tree heights with accuracy and speed. The instrument system will also give swift measurement information on distance, horizontal distance, angle and inclination. The ultrasound measuring technology used in the Vertex can be operated in areas with dense terrain and thick undergrowth, where conventional methods such as measuring tapes, laser instruments and mechanical height measurers are difficult to use.

Haglof Vertex IV Ultrasonic

Haglöf Vertex VL5 Laser / Ultrasound


The VL5 Vertex Laser is an advanced field solution for high accuracy results in height, distance and angle measurements, extended range. With an integrated tilt sensor and laser and ultrasound technology, the VL5 offers a variety of method options for any situation and surrounding. The ready results are swiftly presented and can be stored, processed and/or transferred wirelessly to external units.

Haglof Vertex VL5 Laser/Ultrasound

Height and Inclination measurement


For fast and accurate results when measuring height and inclination.

Slope Measurer

Haglöf – Slope measurer


Electronic clinometer – measuring in degrees or percentage of height.


Haglöf –HCH Clinometer/Compass


The HCH is a compact, easy to use measuring clinometer for height, inclination and distance with the addition of a built-in azimuth compass.


Haglöf –EC II Clinometer


Electronic Clinometer with inclination, distance and height measurement.


Calipers & Increment Borers


Haglöf produce a wide range of calipers and increment borers along with supporting equipment.

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For more information on the Haglöf range or to discuss your forestry instrumentation requirements with one of our specialist sales people contact us.


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