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John Hoyer Is Podcast #1!




For month’s I have been sitting down and talking with incredible people and hearing fantastic stories.  Along the way we gain insight to their successes and learn human qualities we may not ever have been exposed to without this podcast. 

Chip Leer’s Wildside Podcast is a place where we get to know the best-of-the-best in their fields and learn from their experiences and laugh with them about the journey that is life. 

You won’t want to miss an episode as our initial episodes that consists of Fishing Hall of Fame Legends, Tournament Champions and Fisheries Biologist.   Here are a few to subscribe for:   2X National Walleye Tour Champion, John Hoyer, Outdoor Media Mogul and TV Host James Lindner,  HOF Angler and Fisheries Biologist Steve Quinn and possibly the busiest man in fishing TV, HOF Angler and host of Lake Commandoes TV- Steve Pennaz.  More to come, subscribe today.

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Pandemic Perspectives – Brad Dokken of Grand Forks Herald

We ponder what businesses are essential and non-essential during our Stay at Home Order or Self Quarantines one thing maybe true.  If you followed your passion to make a living outdoors, the current fiscal challenge is real and potentially life-changing. Brad Dokken of the Grand Forks Herald spoke with a number of passionate outdoor minded professionals, including myself and has summarized it in an article here.

First Float

As seasons change the anticipation of the next outdoor activity looms strong and maybe nowhere more than fishing.  I love to fish, open water or ice I love it all summer, fall, winter and spring. And when the phone rang with a friend on the other and spouting….hey…lets float… despite a chill in the air and some snow on the ground, I was ALL-IN.  Read the full article here.


These are challenging days as we attempt to grasp the impact and foresee the outcome of the Coronavirus. The vast majority of us are at home, alone or with family, frustrated and restless.  We talk, work and fret over the potential length of our uncertainty.  Some of us face concerns of furlough length or unemployment benefit limitations. We find ourselves angry at the fact we are unable to shop at our favorite retailer, dine at a restaurant or even hike a trail as these options are simply, for now, off-the-table.   Our proud, strong, independent, freedom of choice lifestyle has been disrupted.  Read full article here.

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