A bit of writing and some of the more interesting things I found online this week...

A Few of My Favorite Campaigns

August is done, September has begun, and my kid is going back to school. Which means I have another round up of my favorite email campaigns from the past month. 

Check out some cool designs and campaign ideas from charity:water, Studio Science, Authentic Jobs, and Typeform over on Medium.

It's all about the details

Gmail Now Supports display: none;

In a surprise move, the Gmail team actually made a good update to their rendering engine. Jaina Mistry walks through what the change means over on the Litmus blog. 

Looks like progress to me

Email Design Podcast: Episode 30

For our thirtieth episode, Kevin and I sat down for a conversation with Mark Robbins. Tune in to hear his thoughts on interactive email, accessibility, and why it's important for email designers to break the rules.

The Godfather speaks

Medium's Team Did Everything

A fascinating look at how five publications transitioned their sites to Medium and, more importantly, some of the reasons behind the move. I've been writing more frequently on Medium and I'm starting to become a believer, going so far as to consider switching to it as my primary publishing outlet. 

It's still hard to publish on the internet

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