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The Latest from BC Healthy Communities | March 2016

The News

Age-friendly Recognition Award Application

Become an age-friendly community through the Age-friendly British Columbia (AFBC) recognition program. The AFBC program is designed to recognize and reward success, and encourage and motivate communities to take action towards becoming age-friendly. Apply by March 31st. More info here.

Last Week to Comment on B.C.'s Climate Leadership Plan 

The second public consultation on B.C.'s climate action plan is open until March 25, 2016 at noon. To participate, read the Consultation Guide and provide thoughts on the most important actions we can take to lower our greenhouse gas emissions. More details here.

Thoughtful Engagement with the Shared Economy 

The Local Governments and the Sharing Economy Project is designed to help local governments enable the 'sharing economy'. Economic development, waste and emission reductions, social equity and emergency preparedness can be advanced through engagement with the sharing economy. Learn how.

Nothing About Us Without Us - Get the Latest Citizen Series

The latest Citizen Series webinar recording and resources are now available! Learn about the promises and perils of community engagement, practical tools, approaches to build participation and real-life examples from northern communities here.

The Champion

Dr. Sue Pollock Cares for People and the Planet: Q & A

Dr. Pollock brings tireless enthusiasm for caring for the planet and the health of the people while finding novel ways to describe the linkages between the two. Her research in the area of climate change and health is engaging leaders at the local level to take action on climate protection policies. Read the Q & A.

The Articles

Taking a Collective Approach to Systems Change

Our Cowichan Community Health Network hosted a coaching session facilitated by BC Healthy Communities in partnership with Innoweave for five groups who are tackling long term, system change initiatives in the region. Learn more about the multi-sector approach.

Climate Change is Not Just an Environmental Issue

While climate change is often thought of as an environmental issue, evidence shows that climate change threatens the health of people here in BC and around the world. BCHC joined the Interior Health Authority to speak about the potential impacts of climate change on human health. More here.

An Evening Workshop on Designing for Social Impact

Liz Weaver of Tamarack, an Institute for community engagement, brought her extensive experience working on complex community issues to Surrey in February. Weaver provided an overview of one possible path for groups to come together to address complex issues: Collective Impact. Read more.

The Events

Innoweave Impact Accelerator Workshop

Date: April 1, 2016, 9am - 12pm | Victoria Executive Centre  | Free
Enhance the impact of your organization and explore social innovation approaches. Organized in partnership with BC Healthy Communities and Victoria Foundation. Registration information here.

Island Region Healthy Communities Forum

Date: April 21- 22, 2016 | All day
An exciting island-wide forum to learn, share and build collaborative strategies for upstream action for healthy communities. Are you involved in coalitions or collaborative tables focused on upstream action for community health and well-being? Find out how to register. 

The Read

Design, When Everybody Designs: An Introduction to Design for Social Innovation

Ezio Manzini describes a current wave of social innovations with an open co-design process in which new solutions are suggested and new meanings are created. Find a preview of the book here.