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Igniting Hope. Restoring Lives. | Read online.
CITYTEAM - eNews September 2021 Issue - Igniting Hope. Restoring Lives.
Dear Friend,
Many people struggling with poverty, hunger, or homelessness still have fond memories of Thanksgiving at one time in their lives. That kind of love is hard to forget, especially for those who may be dreading the holidays because of the difficult times they’re facing.
This Thanksgiving, I want to see folks feel love again — to experience a taste of home, even if it’s with the CityTeam family — and discover the hope God freely offers all of us.
You make that possible. Your support offers a taste of home to a neighbor who is struggling this Thanksgiving. That’s why I’m so grateful for you. I pray you’ll stand with us again, as we turn meals into the chance for new life.
With gratitude,
Angela Aguilar
Executive Director, CityTeam San Francisco
“Grateful for Another Day of Hope”
“Grateful for Another Day of Hope”
After 10 years of incarceration, Steven felt like he didn’t have a friend in the world. He didn’t know where to go or where to turn for help. Thankfully, someone directed him to CityTeam.
“I cried all over that first meal,” he recalls. “The taste, the freshness . . . It was awesome!” And it changed his life. “I discovered I could have a job again and get a place of my own. But true fulfillment finally came with knowing God.”
Healing Started with a Meal
Today, Steven says, “I’m grateful for another day of hope.” He’s graduated from our transitional supportive housing program, re-connected with his family, and found a new passion: telling others about the hope that he has found.
To friends like you who made it possible for him to escape homelessness and turn his life around, Steven says, “God bless you. I appreciate you so much.”
Steven’s recovery journey began with a meal — one you helped provide! Thank you for making a life-changing difference in this man’s life.
Love Your Neighbor Day
Love Your Neighbor Day
On June 26, CityTeam held our first inaugural Love Your Neighbor Day to provide an opportunity for supporters, staff, residents, interns, and volunteers to DO something together for our community. After an extended time of separation and isolation, this day brought everyone back together to volunteer, pray, and give for the sake of others.
Across more than 15 CityTeam sites, an estimated 120 volunteers worked alongside 200+ residents and staff in order to serve more than 500 neighbors, by . . .
Reaching out to homeless encampments.
Updating playgrounds for kids.
Planting a garden and doing yardwork for local organizations.
Cleaning up outdoor spaces.
Distributing food, hygiene kits, shoes, clothing, and more.
. . . and that’s just our short list! To everyone who helped make Love Your Neighbor Day a rousing success, we say: Thank You Very Much!
Fiscal Year-End — Thank You for Helping Us Finish Strong!
Fiscal Year-End — Thank You for Helping Us Finish Strong!
CityTeam’s fiscal year ended on August 31st. Your support helped neighbors like Jessica, who told us, “I lost my job and ran out of money. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have three kids, and this is a very scary time for us.”
Tina is someone else you’ve helped. She said, “As a single mom of two young children, we were barely making ends meet before this crisis. With all the things we hear on the news, we are very scared of what can happen.”
Click here to see all of the ways your support helps provide for neighbors in need.
Hope Begins with You!
Hope Begins with You!
With in-person services starting again, CityTeam is gearing up for the inevitable crush of men, women, and children who have been hurt by the economic turmoil this past year.
To help so many neighbors in serious need, we must start now by restocking our food pantry.
Each $2 you give will provide a delicious Thanksgiving meal to someone dealing with poverty, hunger, or even homelessness. (And if you can help serve meals in person, please sign up to volunteer!)
As Steven's story shows, meals change lives.
That’s why CityTeam is kicking off our Thanksgiving is Hope campaign at the beginning of the fall season. Never underestimate the power of a holiday meal.
When a man or woman coming off the street sits down to a complete Thanksgiving dinner, something wonderful happens. With their hunger satisfied, they’re able to think more clearly. As a result, they are in a position to make better choices, like joining one of our programs — a choice that will dramatically change their lives.
If you’ve been blessed this past year, be a blessing to someone in need and give today. Thank you!
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