A bit of writing and some of the more interesting things I found online this week...

Talking to Someone Who's Been Through It All Before

So, I've been writing some random thoughts on product management over at Product Malkovich. The latest is about some really solid advice that I received a while back. 

Some advice

It breaks down to product managers being responsible for literally everything that the rest of the team isn't focused on. But in a good way. Check it out. 

Sound intimidating? 

Gmail Rolls Out Responsive Support

It's finally later this month, which means that Gmail is now rolling out support for embedded styles and media queries. See what you need to know over on the Litmus blog.

Happy Gmail Day!

The Email Design Podcast

I don't know why I don't link to these more often, but we've been recording a bunch of new episodes of The Email Design Podcast lately. The two most recent are both interviews, with MailChimp's Alex Kelly and Code School's Dan Denney. Check 'em out. 

Episode 32: Alex Kelly says...

Episode 33: Dan Denney sees what happens

How I Keep My RSI at Bay

An interesting look at some tactics for dealing with a repetitive strain injury from Ted Goas. I haven't dealt with RSI before, but wouldn't be suprised if it crops up at some point. Bookmarked.

Disclaimer: He's just a fucking web designer 

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