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The Latest from BC Healthy Communities | Summer 2016

The News

Age-friendly Recognition Award

Three communities have achieved the four milestones of becoming an age-friendly community, and with that have received the BC Age-friendly Recognition Award. Find out which communities received the award and how to get your community recognized here.

The Champion

Kiri Bird: Incubating Social Enterprise and Building Systems

BCHC spoke with Kiri Bird, Manager of Local Economic Development Lab (LEDlab), about the complexities of social innovation and the role of empathy. Read the Q & A here.

The Articles

Reflections from the Deepening Community Conference

"True resiliency goes beyond responding to crises and focuses on building local capacities today so that communities can become thriving places of strong connections." Read more reflections shared from the Deepening Community Conference and the session facilitated by BCHC. 

The Event

Placemaking: Made in Canada

Date: September 12-17, 2016 | RSVP by July 30th here. 
This September, global change agents will gather in Vancouver, B.C., for a series of events that will map the future of the placemaking movement.

The Read

Getting Beyond Better

Who drives transformation in society? How do they do it? This compelling book describes how social entrepreneurs develop, build, and scale solutions in ways that bring about the truly revolutionary change that makes the world a fairer and better place. Read a review here.


Get to Know BC Healthy Communities

Want to know more about the BC Healthy Communities team? We added some little known facts and shared some superpowers in a series of staff profiles on Twitter @BCHC and Facebook. Connect with community using #BCHealthyCommunities.