A bit of writing and some of the more interesting things I found online this week...

Here's what I know about product management...

As of last Friday, I'm transitioning into a product management role at work. Since I learn best when I'm writing about the process, I thought it was the perfect time to start up a new writing project, too. 

What I Know

Over on Medium, I published everything I currently know about product management. Follow me there to keep up on everything I learn.

A mountain of information

Reducing HTML Email Code

Dan Denney takes a look at how to reduce the HTML and CSS behind a large email campaign. A much better version of the typical unsolicited redesign.

The formula for redundancy

The Dave Goes Windows Finale

I've been following along as Dave Rupert dove into the Windows ecosystem. It's been fascinating to watch an operating system switch from a developer's perspective.

See what he's sticking with

Email Design Podcast #25

Another week, another episode of The Email Design Podcast. This week, we take a look at absolute positioning, fixing lines in Outlook, and email marketing salaries.

Tune in

Lily Nishita's Website

I had to link to her site. Not only is her illustration work superb, but that logo is THE BEST.

Check it

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