Join us this evening at the Opening Reception of Jaime Correa's (RE)thinking URBANISM, a provocative and colorful exhibition at the Korach Gallery of the University of Miami. The exhibit provides potential answers to some of the most pressing questions regarding the effects of climate change and sea-level-rise in our community. Jaime Correa’s imaginative urban projects propose eighteen unique responses to how large numbers of people may react to the environmental threats posed by climate change. (RE)thinking URBANISM is not a shy proposal but a bold exhibition of tough social and planning ideas, including: evacuation and adaptive re-development. For the first time in the history of South Florida, someone dares to produce intrepid projects for the new type of habitat aspirations and modes of production emerging as a result of pressing vulnerabilities in personal property, safety, and general welfare. Jaime Correa, an Associate Professor in Practice at the School of Architecture and one of the founders of the New Urbanism Movement in the United States and Latin-America, said “If scientists are right, and the sea-level-rise future of South Florida is truly under six feet of water, then our human imagination must be used to raise a new kind of political and active awareness where inventiveness operates to undermine the complacent convictions of the reasonable and the respectable.” He added, “Under our current conditions of uncertainty, should we use utopian ideas to generate an allegorical call for innovative design and greater preparedness? Or, should we do more of the same while expecting different results? The lack of imaginative solutions and our expectation that more of the same is going to produce different results are precisely the two kinds of lunatic behaviors currently used to deal with issues of sea-level-rise in our South Florida communities."

Steven Fett, one of the curators of the exhibition, said, “Professor Correa’s (RE)thinking URBANISM induces the spectator to take a personal stand regarding tough urban design questions. The exhibition is designed in a dynamic manner where participants are forced to re-compose eighteen pieces of an urban puzzle into their own particular answers to the problem of sea-level-rise.” Germane Barnes, a co-curator, added, “The exhibition also includes elements of practice and theory where issues of informal bottom-up urbanism are also highlighted.” Jaime Correa’s colorful capricci exalt the capacity of our imagination to create new models of living through an unprecedented typo-morphological catalogue in which the sum is greater than the parts. (RE)thinking URBANISM will remain open until November 15 from Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. The opening reception will be held this evening, Monday, October 24, at 6:30 p.m. in the Korach Gallery.

2017 Toppel Awards
The Toppel Career Center is seeking nominations for its second annual Toppel Awards to honor University of Miami students, student organizations, faculty, staff, and employers who exemplify a commitment to the professional development of themselves and/or others. The Toppel Awards recognize outstanding students, faculty, staff, employers, and recruiters for their commitment to career education and personal career development. For more information and to nominate yourself or another individual for any of the categories, visit the Toppel Awards webpage.

MEMORY - an arch out loud flash competition

arch out loud is launching a new series of competitions. They are aimed at exploring a specific topic area for a short, focused time period. The first competition will explore MEMORY. On October 30, the full brief will be released for our first one-week long Flash Competition. Between now and then, we invite you to register for the competition and get thinking. We will send out a few relevant research pieces and projects during the registration period, but it is up to you to use the next few weeks for any preparation before the competition formally opens. Deadline to register is November 4 and is open to individuals and teams of two. The cost to register is $20 (before October 30) / $35 (after October 30). First prize winner will receive $1000, second prize winner will receive $500 and third prize will receive $250. Winners and select projects are included in the printed publication, the out loud Journal. The jury includes Robert Kirkbride, Dean, Parsons School of Constructed Environments; Karsten Harries, Professor of Philosophy of Art & Architecture at Yale; and Ana Miljacki, Professor of Theory and Design, MIT. Visit to learn more.

2017 Hart Howerton Travel Fellowship

In 2006, Hart Howerton began an educational initiative to provide a select number of Fellowship positions for students at design schools. Each summer, Fellowships allow the firm to employ students in planning, architecture and/or landscape architecture internships in our New York or San Francisco offices. The Fellowship also provides funded travel for research on a topic the Fellow selects. As a result of the Fellowships, Fellows have graduated with the added advantages of professional office experience, collaborative interdisciplinary design, and worldwide travel and research. The benefit to Hart Howerton has been tremendous – the energy, enthusiasm and input of new designers is laying a foundation for the next generation of design thinking. Each fellowship includes: round trip to SF and NY, 3 weeks paid travel for independent study, 8 weeks salaried internship, and housing assistance. Applications are due January 27, 2017. You can visit the website for more information and to apply.

October 25, 2016 – RAD Lab + Wood Shop Open House
You’re invited! Join us at the SoA RAD Lab + Wood Shop Open House, Tuesday, October 25, 1 – 5 p.m., Building 35, Rooms 150 and 160.

October 26, 2016 – Open City Studio Meeting
Join Professor Steven Fett at the UMSoA Courtyard at noon for an informational meeting to discuss next year's Summer Open City Studio in Seoul, Tokyo.

October 26, 2016 – Tecnoglass Lecture by Alberto Kalach
Alberto Kalach, a noted architect from Mexico City and designer of Tower 41, presents a Tecnoglass Lecture at 6:30 p.m. in Glasgow Hall on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Kalach’s concern about the emerging problems of the vast city is often reflected in his work: from the $5,000.00 USD “minimal house”, to his housing developments, to the largest project ever conceived for Mexico City, called México Ciudad Futura (Return to the City of Lakes), which embraces the city as a whole, and aims to restore at least some of its remarkable hydrology, informed by a thorough study of the valley’s geography. Livestream available.
Image above: Casa Vera, in Veracruz, by Alberto Kalach

October 27-29, 2016 - Conference: Consequences of the Fall
This conference examines continued impacts of the 2014-15 decline in the price of oil. Participants will examine the economic, environmental, social, and political consequences on states and regions, along with their responses. Featured speakers include Dr. Julio Frenk, UM President and Mark Rosenberg, FIU President; for a full list of speaker and panel members, visit the GreenU website.

October 28, 2016 – Tenth Annual UMSoA Golf Tournament
Held at the Biltmore Golf Course in Coral Gables, beginning at 1 p.m., the Annual Golf Tournament benefits the Tom Spain Rome Program Endowment, programs and scholarships for the Rome Program at the School of Architecture.The Entry Fee is $200 ($150 non-deductible) for each player and includes box lunch, green fees, golf cart, goody bag, chance at door prizes, awards reception and all activities and refreshments on the course. Sponsorship opportunities are available; contact UMSoA Director of Development Leandra Hayes-Burgess for more information, at

October 29, 2016 – Short Course: Entrepreneurship in Real Estate
In today’s challenging economic conditions, being an entrepreneur is an imperative. And in the business of real estate, it is the norm. The Entrepreneurship in Real Estate course is focused on examining methods and approaches to building a successful real estate business and the different forms it takes. The objective of the course is to introduce students to the entrepreneurial side of real estate development and prepare them for determining efficient organizational forms for their business, appropriate partnership structures for their ventures, and innovative ways at approaching their developments. Muayad Abbas is the founder and managing partner of Urbanis Advisors, a real estate development firm that is currently engaged in several projects in the US and the MENA region. Click here to learn more and to register.

October 30, 2016 - "Years of Living Dangerously," airs on National Geographic Channel
This year’s Tecnoglass lecture series focuses on ‘water’ and the challenges we are faced with due to climate change. We encourage you to check out the Emmy-winning climate change series, "Years of Living Dangerously." The documentary series features well-known environmental journalists and celebrity investigators with a background in environmental activism, as they travel the world interviewing people and investigating places affected by climate change. This season, the show will be focus on the sea-level rise and historic droughts occurring around the world. The documentary series will air on the National Geographic Channel, Sunday, October 30, at 8 p.m.

November 4, 2016 – UMSoA Alumni Homecoming Barbecue
Join us for a family BBQ with the best views on campus! Our annual BBQ is a chance for alumni to reunite while mingling with faculty, staff and students. Enjoy fireworks and the boat burning from the Courtyard! For more information, contact UMSoA Director of Development Leandra Hayes-Burgess at Alpha Rho Chi will hold an auction in Korach Gallery.

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