More WordPress Fun

After deciding to switch to WordPress, I dug into setting up a local development environment. 

Product update video

WordPress has changed a lot in the few years I've been using other platforms—so has the way people develop websites using it. Is a modern workflow best? Or is MAMP still king of the mountain? 

Here's my take

Pinterest Giveth, and Pinterest Taketh Away

A reminder from Jeffrey Zeldman on why communicating changes to users is so important. It's surprisingly easy to turn advocates into enemies when hiccups like this start piling up. 

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Can we save the open web?

A sobering look at the challenges facing the web and what we stand to lose if we let companies and gatekeepers control how we access the web and share information. 

I hope so

The Lost Art of Becoming Good at Things

Corbett Barr on entertainment overtaking our desires to learn, make, and do things. A solid, if a bit strident, call-to-action for taking stock in your life, figuring out what you want to do, and making it happen.

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Professional Email Design is a handbook for HTML email design, diving into the tools, techniques, and elements behind successful campaigns.

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