A bit of writing and some of the more interesting things I found online this week...

Holy Shit, There's A Lot to Learn

What's a brand new product manager to do? How about hunt down the best resources for learning more about the role. 

I recently catalogued some of the resources I'm using on my journey to become a good product manager. Any recommendations? Leave a comment or reply to this email.

Quite the reading list

My #FirstSevenJobs

I freaking love the first seven jobs hashtag—it's fascinating to see where everyone got their start and track the progression of skills and interests. I was a little late in the game on Twitter, so here are my first seven jobs:

Paper boy, grocery store clerk, cook, summer handy man, general manager of a Jimmy John's, freelance graphic designer, and junior web designer. 

The Way We Workshop

A really interesting approach to running a workshop from Jeremy Keith at Clearleft. I'd LOVE to do this for a workshop, but it's kind of scary moving to a more freeform format.

Let them pick

How to Think About Your Career

This post from Julie Zhuo is full of good advice. I especially like the point about treating your managers like coaches. The advice I've gotten from Justine over the hears has been invaluable, precisely because our relationship has been that of coach/athlete or mentor/mentee. 

It's your skills, not your titles

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