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Health is Everyone's Business


Improving health is a shared community responsibility. This month we celebrate communities that have taken on accountability for creating a healthier standard of life for all residents, and share the innovative strategies they have used. The City of Vancouver's Healthy City For All strategy demonstrates the power of multi-sectoral collaboration in an urban environment, while Bowen Island's work on a transportation master plan and Courtenay's efforts to increase urban food production show that smaller communities can still make big changes to improve quality of life for all residents.


Community Spotlight: How Vancouver is Making Health and Well-being Everyone’s Business


The City of Vancouver has a bold and ambitious strategy to build a healthy city for all by 2025. The Healthy City Strategy and Action Plan is a long-term plan for healthier people, healthier places, and a healthier planet. It addresses health in the broadest sense by integrating elements that influence well-being and involving diverse sectors in a shared vision of a healthy city for all residents. 

STORY Read the story of who is driving this upstream approach for the long-term, integrated plan here.

VIDEO Watch the short video showing the powerful internal collaboration behind Vancouver's A Healthy City for All process here.

Interior Healthy Communities Forum


Leaders in the Interior Health region gathered in Vernon on October 27, 2016 to celebrate and take stock of healthy community partnerships at the Interior Region Healthy Communities Forum. The forum was the final in a series of five forums taking place in each health authority region. Over eighty delegates participated in the day rich with dialogue, insights and connections. Find a summary of the event with presentations, resources and visual notes here.

Congratulations to Our Photo Contest Winners!


Congratulations to Courtenay and Bowen Island, the winners of our Seeding Healthy Communities contest! The contest was open to all recipients of the PlanH Healthy Communities Capacity Building Fund - Seeding Stream. We asked communities to share how their projects help build healthy, small, rural and remote communities. See the winning photos and find out more about their inspiring projects.

A New Community of Learning and Practice


An exciting new type of leadership in healthy communities is emerging in BC thanks to the innovative PlanH Growing Impact program, facilitated by BC Healthy Communities. The inaugural cohort encourages teams from four BC local governments to learn from each other through a series of facilitated dialogues. Together, as a community of learning and practice, they are building a shared understanding of how to address the complex issues involved with building healthy communities. Read more.

Event: The Health Risks of a Changing Climate


Speaker: Dr. Kristie Ebi | Date: Feb. 1, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: Webcast or Bob Wright Centre, UVic Victoria , BC

The current and projected human health risks of climate change are diverse and wide-ranging. In this fascinating lecture, Dr. Ebi will discuss how policies and programs that consider climate change can help facilitate more resilient and sustainable societies. Read more.


Learn about the work being done to rebuild traditional food systems in Haida Gwaii in this inspiring video and article. Traditional knowledge is being shared in innovative ways thanks to learning circles that bring together farmers, teachers, Haida elders, berry pickers, chefs, and knowledge keepers for visioning and goal-setting.

Find it here



Submit Your Community Story to the Resilient Streets Toolkit! Have your heard of how residents are collaborating together to build social connections and improve their block? Send examples activities, stories, or guides by February 10th, 2017. Find contact details here.

Learn more about the health benefits of social connectedness. 



Recordings Now Available from Workshop Series: The Traveller's Journey: Healthy Built Environment for Health Professionals Learn more about the five physical features of a healthy built environment, municipal planning and how health professionals can play a role in creating healthier communities.

Find agendas and webinars here.


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