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Email at the Turning Point

On a recent visit to The Netherlands, I gave a talk on what the future might hold for the email design industry. This post is an adaptation, in which I look at our industry's past, where we are today, and what we can expect in the next few years. 

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Things of Interest
Three Things I Learned at Teehan + Lax
By Eric Portelance

One of the most influential design studios of the past ten years has closed its doors. One of the team shares three important lessons learned. Check it out ≫

We Split Tested a Nonsense Subject Line... You'll Never Guess What Happened Next!
By Elliot Ross

A great, quick read on how we can't let split tests and data determine our every move in email marketing. A little intuition goes a long way.  Check it out ≫

You're Not Wrong, You're Just an Asshole
By Steve St. Pierre

Ugh, the frustrations of a comments section. This is an excellent, funny, and considered look at the trouble with comments on the internet. Check it out ≫

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