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Vol 22 No 5            4 October 2016

Class of 2016 -  Debutante Ball

We got lost on the way, a teacher driving behind a parent on route to the The High School debutante ball at The Radisson Hotel; not a great start I grant you.  And when we dipped into the car park I felt like Orpheus slipping into The Underworld, a little uneasy, as teachers always are at these events, in case you forget someone's name or you say the wrong thing.  But I was there to see the kids, to see them off for the last time, to mark the end of their six years at The High School, and if the worst came to the worst I could always hide behind my camera and pretend to be working.  
Two steps out of the car and I was hailed from the shadows by a kind High School parent who called me 'Miss' and by my surname, and I immediately felt at ease. The pupils would be along shortly I was told, so we waited in the reception room, circled together like wagons in a western; I could sense a little anxiety. The talk was of their children's first day at university , an exam some had tomorrow, how they were still settling in to their college courses. Some had been under the weather, 'all those new germs', new people, new places.  'Just like when they started creche!' someone said and I could suddenly see it in their eyes - the anxiety of the new parent on the first day of school.  They were going through it all again, the hope of success, the pain of separation, something I knew something about.  'This is the end of 12 years at The High School for our family', said another shakily.  "That's something..." 
And with the phrase still hanging in the air, there was a whir of excitement, a blur of colour and suddenly they were there, the butterflies and peacocks, with laughter and news, embraces and that sense of camaraderie that is so special to High School pupils. Gone were their baggy, black jumpers, and ponytails: in a matter of months they had transformed into fully grown, radiant young men and women, every one at least two inches taller I was certain.  "I've changed course Miss. I'm doing English after all!" ... "I'm still writing everyday, but Maths is creative too, Miss."  And then I glimpsed a boy bending down to kiss his mother's upturned cheek - a goodbye.  The parents, judging the time to leave far better than I, seemed to melt away.  So again I followed, casting one last, backward glance at the Class of 2016, golden under yellow light, those pupils who had taught me so much during their time at The High School.  I left, passing up, out of The Underworld, to a star-filled sky.  There'd be no getting lost this time, and I suddenly knew, this was no true ending, rather a commencement.  And I consigned the evening to memory, for I had not taken a photograph, not a single one.


Geography Trip

Last week three Form 6 Geography classes equipped with ranging poles, stopwatches and oranges set off to Shankill Beach for our geography field study. While there we took the beach's profile, measured its wave count and rate of long-shore drift, and analysed the the rocks that we found there. It was a very informative trip.
Kate O'Shea (6EH)


Ireland U21 Hockey Selection

Congratulations to Conor Empey (6EH) who has been selected to represent The High School and Leinster on the Ireland U21 hockey training panel.  We extend best wishes for success to our pupil as he competes for international selection ahead of the U21 EuroHockey Junior Championship which will be held in Valencia, Spain in 2017.
Mr P Fitzpatrick


Leinster U18 Hockey Selection

Congratulations to Alistair Empey (4M), Alex Flynn (5D), Peter Lynch (5TV), and Alex O'Regan (5W) who have been selected to represent The High School on the Leinster U18 training panel.  We extend best wishes for success to all our pupils as they compete for interprovincial selection at this age grade.
Mr P Fitzpatrick


European Languages Day in the Library

Last Monday was European Languages Day in the Library and pupils took part in a 'European Dolls' naming competition featuring a collection of dolls from around the world.  


Form 1 Art

During the week, Form 1 Art pupils began work on their masks, which involved some interesting techniques and group work!  We will be displaying the finished work online in the coming weeks, so watch this space.


Simon Community Fun Run

To support the work of the Dublin Simon Community could all pupils who took part in the Simon Community Fun Run please bring any money that they have collected by Friday 14 October to Ms Hutchinson Edgar. We are also going to do a loose change collection to put towards the money raised. Pupils will come around to classes this Friday for this collection. So go on, break open your piggy bank, check the back of the sofa or under the bed, and bring all your small change in on Friday. Remember your small change can make a big change to the lives of the homeless!

HSD-Blessington transport initiative

The High School is delighted to announce the introduction of a new transport link from the HSD car park to Blessington via Terenure, Templeogue, and Tallaght every day after school with effect from Monday 3 October at 3.55 pm (and every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 3.55 pm and Wednesday at 1.15 pm thereafter) until further notice.  It will also be possible for pupils living along the route from HSD to Blessington to use this service on a daily basis if they wish to do so.  


Form 5 Poetry Podcasts

Form 5 English pupils have created a series of audio recordings of
the Eavan Boland poems that are on the Leaving Certificate course for 2018.  What an easy way to learn those essential poetry quotations!  Click here to listen.  


Photography Club Animations

Each Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes, Junior pupils gather in the Art Room for Photography Club. Here is a rather brilliant little animation made by Junior pupils.  Beginners are always welcome, so please come along!


Calendar Change

Please note an important amendment to the school calendar.  The Prize Distribution will now take place on 26 October and not on 19 October as previously published.  


Parents' Association News

  • Congratulations to our new Parents' Association committee members elected on 26 September at the HSD PA AGM : Malcolm Boyd, Evelyn Foley, Vincent Landy, Beverley Maxwell, Linda O'Connor, and Steve Wilson.

  • Click HERE to find the materials used at the Parents' Association AGM and many thanks to all of you who participated.

  • It's time. Click HERE to make your submissions for the Student Achievement award to recognise exceptional performance in extra curricular activities across all disciplines including social awareness.

  • To the HSD PA committee members standing down : Finola Connolly, Fiona Sweeney, Martin Ridgeway, Anthony Harris, Jane Suiter, and Peter Lynch - many thanks for your significant contributions. 


Dates for your Diary

  • 11 Oct 16 - Form 6 parent-teacher meeting, 4.15 pm; school closes, 3.40pm
  • 26 Oct 16 - Parents' Evening and Prize Distribution, 7.30 pm
  • 7 Nov 16 - Half term ends, 8.55 am
  • 7 Nov 16 - Form 4 work experience (1 week)