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The Squeal Newsletter

In this issue: End-of-Year Banquet • Season Recap • Final results and photos • Special Thanks... • A Note to Safety Stewards • 2016 CAM Rules • Last Chance — Nomination Time! • November meeting details • Member Spotlight: Don Walsh • October Meeting Minutes • For Sale by Members!

Save the Date — End-of-year Banquet — January 16, 2016

Season Recap

A collection of the most often used words posted on Facebook after events.


Our autocross series was very well received this year, measured by the complementary comments both in person and in the region’s Facebook group. Steve Limbert, regional executive described 2015 as “another solid season of autocross made possible by all the Susquehanna Region folks who are relentless in their dedication to making it happen!” 

The leadership and course design talent of Geoff Craig and the continued effort of Mark Houser in prepping the truck, timing and PA equipment no doubt contributed to success along with the autocross committee. Member Chris Benfer thinks that “both from a personal level and a club level, we made a lot of good progress this season. We’ve stepped up the quality of the events and I’ve gotten a bit better as a driver. Overall, it has been a great season and I’m looking forward to the next one.”

The autocross series consisted of 11 successful events this year, out of the original 13 scheduled. The events scheduled on the Giant Center lot July 25 and 26 were cancelled due to an Ariana Grand concert being held there on Sunday and an estimated park attendance of 35,000 slated for Saturday. They simply didn’t have room for us autocrossers. Thus both Saturday and Sunday were cancelled. 

Still, 11 well-attended events makes for a great season. Mark Hetrick, a participant at many autocross events had this to say: “Out of all the car shows, drag racing events, and car meets, this is what I look forward to the most. If I could race autocross every weekend with this group, I would!” 

Well said, Mark! I’d have to agree.



Our rallycross program is still young and “continues to develop,” said Steve Limbert. But both John Roscinski, rallycross chair, and Henry Brillinger, assistant regional executive, agree that the program “went fairly well” this year. 

The success of the program is thanks to the leadership of John Roscinski and Adam Moore, and again the efforts of Mark Houser. There were three rallycross events this year, out of the originally scheduled four. Unfortunately, the event scheduled for October 3 was cancelled due to very heavy rain the previous week. That paired with the prediction of 100% chance of rain going into the event weekend caused the cancellation, which isn't uncommon for these types of events. 

Participation in rallycross events seemed to hold steady throughout the year with around 25 entrants at each event. One big perk—in stark contrast to the autocross program—is that rallycross drivers, on average, continue to enjoy more than 10 runs per event!

Forrest Graeff, a participant in both rallycross and autocross programs noted that “the season was well-run and the lots are first rate,” but the search continues for new sites for the program according to both Steve and John.  

John is looking forward to seeing some new and old faces join the program next year. He added that “our handful of very dedicated regulars needs some reinforcements to become a well-oiled machine.” So if you've been thinking about it for awhile, make 2016 the year that you gear up and join the rallycross program!


Special Thanks... the autocross and rallycross committees for their contributions that lead to a smooth 2015 season:

Geoff Craig — Autocross Chair
Henry Brillinger — Site Acquisition & Relations
Geoff Craig & Alan Pozner — Course Design
Mark Rosson — Pre-registration & Webmaster
Chris Benfer — Registration
Alan Lesher — Safety
Ryan Hetrick — Tech Inspection
John Norton — Grid
Anne Demmy — Timing
Charlie Demmy — Starter
Dennis & Derek Latshaw — Novice Program
Ashley Zywusko & Rob Springer — Workers
Markus Houser — Equip. Manger & Results
Adam Moore — Rallycross Co-Chair
John Roscinski — Rallycross Co-Chair


A Note to Safety Stewards:

by Alan Lesher
A thank you to all the safety stewards who helped with the double autocross last month.

And, a thank you to all who helped clean up after the event each day, especially Saturday when time was short. As our former RE Chris P. is fond of saying, "many hands make light work." Good job all.


2016 CAM Rules 

by Alan Lesher
To all the CAM drivers, the 2016  CAM rules are available on the SCCA website.

It is only one page. What other autocross class rules fit on one page? None!


Last Chance! Let Your Voice Be Heard...


Nomination time!

Join us at the November meeting to nominate individuals for the 2016 Region Executive Board.

Members may nominate a candidate for region executive, assistant regional executive, treasurer, secretary and one three-year director spot. Votes will be cast by members in good standing present at the November regional meeting. 


November Meeting 

Tuesday, Nov. 24 • 7:30pm
The next region meeting will be held in the private dining room at Gilligan's Bar and Grill in Harrisburg. 

The agenda will be sent to members via email the weekend prior to the meeting. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Come early for dinner and conversation with other members. 


Member Spotlight

Name: Don Walsh
From:  Orrtanna, PA
Runs:  Road Racing
Drives: 1990 Mazda RX7 E Production
Member since: 1971

Started in autocross in 1969 with a Fiat 124 coupe. Moved to a Honda S600 roadster and started road racing in 1971. In 1977 moved to F production in a Turner 1500. 1st Runoffs in 1988 at Road Atlanta. 2007 moved to E Production in a Mazda RX7. 2010 Runoffs Hard Charger and 2013 Eastern Conference Majors Champion in E Production. Just turned 70 and faster every year!

Photo of Doug Austin

Want to be featured in a future newsletter? 


Regional Meeting Minutes

October 27, 2015
          Meeting called to order at 7:30 by Steve. The last month’s minutes were approved as posted in the newsletter.
          Alan gave the treasures report and the club is in good financial shape with income from last month.
          Henry reported that the annual banquet responsibilities have been taken over by Doug and asked if the club wants to have music for the banquet. Do we want to have a slide show? How much are we going to charge for the banquet? Will there be a different charge for members verses non-members? Dave made a motion to charge $10 a head for the banquet and the motion carried.
          Steve reported on the membership and it has gone up to 353 from last month’s 350.
          Kristen gave the report on The Squeal. The open count is down from last month but we did see an increase in opens by 10% in October.
          Geoff reported on the autocross events which were sold out a week in advance, had good weather and the timing also went well. It looks like the truck might need some minor maintenance but it will not be needed anymore this season. It appears as though the threat to remove competitor’s times that did not fulfill their work assignments was successful since everyone helped out with the event. There was discussion about possibly limiting the number of runs so there would be more time to allow more competitors to run or not.
          Henry asked how many events the club would possibly want for next year and the consensus was to try to have 13 events.
          Marcus talked about digital time signs for the events and there was discussion about them.
          Geoff discussed the possibility of purchasing a trailer to be used for timing in addition to the club truck. Although the cost for a specialty built trailer is high, the cost of a standard trailer and retrofitting it could provide a substantial savings and Ed offered to do a retrofit on a standard trailer, if possible.
          John gave the report on the rallycross which was rained out and Henry said that the Farm Show will give us credit for the cancelled event towards next year.
          Doug reported that feedback from Facebook was great for the events and how they are operated.
          Under new business, there was discussion about how to provide registration for events in the future. There was also discussion about the numbers on the competitor’s cars and how the workers are sometimes unable to see them for reporting purposes.
          Henry moved for adjournment and it was seconded by Dave but then Henry moved to withdraw his motion and reopen the meeting for nominations. Steve Limbert was nominated for Regional Executive, Kristen Poole was nominated for Assistant Regional Executive, Ed Womer was nominated for Secretary, Alan Lesher was nominated for Treasurer and Geoff Craig was nominated for Three-Year Director.
     The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectfully submitted.
Ed Womer, Secretary


2015 Regional Schedule

11/24/15: Region Meeting, Gilligans
1/16/16: End-of-Year Banquet


2015 Officers

Regional Exec: Steve Limbert
Assistant RE: Henry Brillinger
Treasurer: Alan Lesher
Secretary: Ed Womer
Director 3 Yr: Charlie Demmy
Director 2 Yr: Markus Houser
Director 1 Yr: Geoff Craig


For Sale


Alan Lesher has a 1998 Firebird race car for sale. He's asking $14,999.99 and has a ton of details at the link below.


Member Jason Fraley has a set of four Kumho XS 245/35/18 tires that are half-tread at 3/32.

One tire is barely touching the wear bars. He's asking $100 for the set. Contact Jason by email for more information. 




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